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"Terzich's (ProCharged) Camaro is a perfect example of astounding performance coupled with rock-solid reliability."

“They are relatively easy to install, affordable, and easily transform a mundane street engine into a stout powerplant with minimal effort.
…it’s good to point out that the potential to achieve power levels of this magnitude is real and it doesn’t have to break the bank.”

"The coolest vehicle on the ground has been turning heads like no other car we've seen. The 1969 Nova utilizing a 427 Chevy crate motor and carburetors with a ProCharger centrifugal supercharger astonished everyone with 8 second runs on 91 octane pump gasoline. This is an astonishing achievement!"
Bret Kepner, ESPN2

“His 93 Chevy Caprice wagon with a 572 ci big block engine makes 1,740 hp [with 93 octane] and recently ran a 9.57 at 163 mph [weighing in at 4,850 pounds with Morris on board]. The magic, of course, comes from the ProCharger centrifugal supercharger.”

“Our 355 ci mouse makes 765 hp on 91-octane… well over 2 hp/ci with a street engine that could conceivably fit into almost any rear-drive Chevy ever built.”

“Bolting on the ProCharger also increased our gas mileage.”

“The motor alone puts out 400 hp to the tires, and will pilot the Nova down the quarter at 12.29 seconds elapsed time at 111 mph. When the F-2 ProCharger is bolted on with 26-27 psi of boost, this 91 octane (with no additives) bad boy puts out 1,160 hp to the tires! Then it sent the Nova down the quarter at 8.24 at 163.5 mph. Stop and think about it, ProCharger bolted on 4 seconds and 50 plus mph!”

“If you want to go heads up racing with the big boys, then here’s a power adder that can help put you in the winner’s circle.”
Horsepower TV

“With plenty of visceral grunt, an aspect of civility, and practicality thrown in for good measure, centrifugal blowers are perhaps one of the best investments you can make when purchasing a power adder.”

“…a “bolt-on” increase of over 50 mph in the quarter-mile, and over 3.5 seconds drop in elapsed time!”

“My favorite things to work on are these pump gas ProCharger motors. I love these things. They’re a very practical application for some serious horsepower with a lot less maintenance. [ProChargers] are very good on not beating up the engine.”
Steve Morris, ESPN2

“Bringing a smile to every gearhead’s face who sees the motor, this blown big-block pumps out 1,000 hp.”
“Traction is a small problem with 1,000 hp and 780 lb-ft of torque…”

“ProCharger is the world headquarters of supercharging.”
Bret Kepner, ESPN2

“His best pass with 17 psi of ProCharger thrust was a 10.51 at 131 [‘59 Impala, 509 cid, F-1R]. Not bad for a car that’s all steel except for the bumpers and weighs nearly 2.5 tons with driver.”

“It is no secret that intercoolers are the most effective and safe way of resisting detonation in blown motors, plus they offer the opportunity to increase boost - and horsepower.”

"The 6-71 was replaced by a big ProCharger F3 reverse-mounted supercharger stuck dead-center in front of the KMP Performance-built 580-inch big-block and blowing into a single four-barrel carburetor through a Steve Morris Racing Engines elbow. Not only would the new setup create less heat than the big Roots, but driver Roth could finally see the road!"

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