• Designed for Stock and Modified Motors

• The First and Only Intercooled Centrifugal Supercharger for
   Harley Davidsons

• Exclusive Design doesn’t Affect Drivability, Idle Quality or
   Rider Position

• Easily Installs in 4-6 Hours with Standard Hand Tools

• Innovative Power Take-Off for Ultimate Reliability

• Featuring Gear Driven B-1 ProCharger Supercharger with
   Self-Contained Oiling

• Patented Design For Quiet Operation

• Very Predictable and Consistent Power

• The Most Efficient Supercharger Available for American V-Twins

• Compact and Lightweight

• Extremely Durable, with 3-Year Supercharger Warranty Available

This new product is the latest in hight performance technology, with multiple patented features–from the industry leader for automotive, truck, marine and race supercharging.


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