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PRI Booth Car Announcement, and 2014 Racing Review


With the PRI show just around the corner, we wanted to give you a sneak peak of the featured car in our booth this year. ProCharger will be proudly displaying the LSx powered Ford Mustang owned by Eric Gustafson and the R&E Racing crew. The accomplishments this car stacked up over this year have just have been amazing.

- 2 Class Championships in 2014
- 2 National Records
- Event win at Street Car Super Nationals
- Record setting runs all year

Come stop by booth #101 to get an up close look into what makes this LSX powered Stang Fly!

Eric Gustafson Mustang ProCharger F-1X F-1X-12 NMCA

Every year for the past 16 years ProCharger has come to the PRI show announcing new products for the upcoming racing season, and the 2014 show will be no different. This year alone, half of the championships were won using products that we released in the past year.

In fact the F-1X-12 alone produced 2 championships and 4 national records, with the F-1X-12 demonstrating ProCharger durability at extreme horsepower levels by not having a single unit fail the entire season. Check out our PRI Blog HERE for a map to our booth!

(Click for a Video of Rob Goss’s x275 Record 6.97 with F-1X)

2014 was a big year for so many ProCharger-powered racers, that it’s been hard to keep track of all the records, event wins, #1 qualifiers, etc, and it would take a much longer blog post to list them all. However, the theme from this year is that no matter if it has 4 wheels or 2, big tires or small radials, ProCharger-powered machines win races, set records, and win Championships. Having a highly efficient, reliable supercharger at the demanding HP levels of heads up racing means more time to focus on suspension tuning and getting the car down the track.

ProCharger knows the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into each race season, so from all of us at ProCharger, here’s a true “Congratulations” to all ProCharger powered racers!

(In no particular order)

Bart Tobener F-1C-10.5
NMRA Renegade Champion

Nina Gusler P-1SC-1
NMRA Truck and Lightning Champion

Eric Gustafson F-1X-12
NMCA West Street Outlaw Champion
WCHRA 275 Drag Radial Champion

Erick Aldrich F-1R
NMCA West Outlaw 8.5 Champion

Doug Sikora F-3R-136
PSCA Outlaw 10.5 Champion

2014 National Records Held!
(In no particular order)

David Pearson F-3R-130
Fastest Car on 275 Drag Radials in the World, 4.16@173

Farkouh/Fillippides F-1C-94
NMCA/LSX EFI Real Street Fastest Car 7.84@176
Fastest 5th Gen Camaro IRS 7.67@179

Rob Goss F-1X
x275 Record Holder 6.97@201
Worlds Fastest Gen3 HEMI 6.97@201

Bart Tobener F-1C-10.5
NMRA Renegade Fastest Car 7.94@173

Eric Gustafson F-1X-12
NMCA West Street Outlaw Fastest Car 6.98@203
WCHRA 275 Drag Radial Fastest Car 4.50@164
PSCA Wild Street Fastest Car 4.45@162

Erick Aldrich F-1R
NMCA West Outlaw 8.5 Quickest Car 5.17@141

Doug Sikora F-3R-136
PSCA Outlaw 10.5 Fastest Car 4.21@176

Andy Manson F-1X-12
NMCA Street Outlaw Fastest Car 6.94@201


You can’t go to a track/shop/garage without hearing about 275 radial racing. And ProCharger is proud to power the (2) fastest cars on the planet running 275s!

#1) David Pearson 4.16@173 F-3R-130
#2) “Mustang” Mike Modeste 4.17@179 Twin F-1X’s


2015 Racers to Keep your eye on!
(In no particular order)

Enzo Pecchini 4.13@188
Fastest 315 Radial ProCharger Car

Billy Meadows 3.83@194
Fastest ProCharger powered Car

Andrew Johnson 3.76@196
Fastest ProCharger powered dragster
NHRA Top Dragster

Ralph Hardesty 6.89@208 in 3550lb car!

Chuck Haubiel NHRA Comp Eliminator

ProCharger blows the doors off 2015 Mustangs!

2015 Mustang ProCharger Supercharger

After months of media teasing on television, the internet, and in print magazines, the new 2015 Ford Mustang is finally here–and boy was it worth the wait!

Hype and flashy advertisements aside, the truth is that Ford knocked it out of the park again, and after ProCharger teased new Mustang owners with a quick dyno video and a shot of our 2015 Mustang supercharger system earlier this month, the phones erupted with calls asking (begging really) for more info. Who are we to deny you?

If you were to say that the proven 5.0L Coyote engine is the heart of the new Mustang GT, then you could also say the patented, self-contained P-1SC-1 head unit is the heart of our ProCharger Supercharger System. Built around it is a brand new and robust bracket system designed specifically for the 2015 Mustang engine bay, with the same quality and fit/finish you’d expect from ProCharger. Our clean slate approach allows us to build supercharger systems with distinct advantages for our customers, and frees us from having to cut corners by trying to retrofit existing kits to the latest models. Our “from the ground up” approach ensures reliability, reversibility, and of course, more Horsepower!

Coyote ProCharger

ProCharger is offering two supercharger systems for the 2015 Mustang platform, ensuring we have the perfect solution for all of our customers’ needs. Whether your Stang is bone stock or an all out weekend track toy, you can trust ProCharger’s 20-year dedication to bringing you the best, most complete, easiest-to-install, and most OEM-quality supercharger systems possible.

HO SYSTEM: Shipping 12.18.14
- Shared 6-rib drive system, with maximum belt wrap
- Belt can be changed without removing supercharger
- Pulleys can be changed without removing supercharger
- No cutting of radiator hoses
- No cutting or modifications to cooling fan
- 100% reversible
- Large cold air inlet
- Large air-to-air intercooler
- 100% Complete with tuning, larger fuel injectors

STAGE 2 SYSTEM: Shipping 01.15.15
- Dedicated 8-Rib drive system
- Upgradable to 1,225 HP F-1R Head Unit
- Larger and thicker air-to-air intercooler


For a very limited time ProCharger will be offering Introductory Pricing for the launch of our 2015 Mustang HO supercharger system!

We are taking orders now and Intro Pricing ends soon, so don’t wait too long to call us at (913) 338-2886 or email us at so we can get you in touch with a dealer in your area.

Enjoy the BOOST!


Want the Ultimate Performance for your 2014 GM Truck?

For 20 years ProCharger has been dedicated to bringing you the best supercharger systems for GM trucks year after year. Whether you have a carbureted classic or a new modern-EFI workhorse, ProCharger has you covered all the way to 2014!


The all new trucks from GM not only had a change in the styling department, but also in the switch to the direct injection motors for the 5.3L and 6.2L. This switch to “DI” helps keep horsepower levels and fuel economy up, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for BOOST!

Thankfully ProCharger is well versed in the direct injection engine platforms from GM, thanks to the countless hours of supercharger and intercooler R&D that lead to our amazing Corvette C7 supercharger system for the LT-1 engine platform.


Combining our highly efficient P-1SC-1 head unit with a robust CNC billet bracket system, we are proud to offer an air-to-air intercooled supercharger system that is not only easy enough to install in your garage in a matter of hours, but it is also designed to last the life of the truck. After installing your system (included handheld tuning), power gains of up to or over 45% are possible on otherwise stock trucks with high quality pump gas. Thats right, an extra 45% that you can bolt on in your garage with common hand tools.

45% More towing power
45% More power to pass
45% More weekend fun,
45% More off-roading, dirt-throwing, mud-slinging POWER!

(Click for larger Image)

This system comes standard with a massive 3-core air-to-air intercooler that can be mounted horizontally underneath the truck. One of the focal points of this new 2014 body style is the large front grill which can be seen in the above photo featuring the vertical intercooler option. These ProCharger intercoolers offer industry-leading cool charge air temperatures for maximum horsepower and engine reliability when used with pump gas.

Inside the engine bay, ProCharger also offers two supercharger inlet options, which are illustrated in the images below. The rear inlet provides the lowest restriction possible for racing applications. And the optional forward inlet provides cool air charge for the everyday driver/tower/hauler.

2014 GMC ProCharger Supercharger

(Click for Larger Image)
2014 GMC ProCharger Supercharger

For those that are looking to personalize their system even more, your ProCharger supercharger bracket and headunit can be ordered in three different finishes: Satin, Polished, or Satin Black. For more details about options and system highlights please visit our website HERE.

So if a BOOST of 45%+ more horsepower sounds like something you need in your 2014 GM Truck, please contact your ProCharger centrifugal supercharger dealer, or call us directly at (913) 338-2886. (SUV’s info coming soon)

Here is a YouTube video we found of a customer, showing off his ProCharged 2014 on the Dyno. Where it puts down over 470rwhp on just 6psi of boost.

And another shot, of it ripping through the gears!
Look at the 0-60 time, awesome for a full size 4 door truck!

ProCharger will see you at BOOST 101! (At PRI)


Oops, did we say “boost”… We meant to say “Booth #101″
Thats right, the PRI show is just around the corner and ProCharger superchargers will be right up front and center in booth #101.

(Click for Larger MAP!)

We are beyond excited to announce 6 different Championships clinched this year, using ProCharger supercharger power!!!
So make sure to stop by the booth and shake hands with the staff, check out the featured display car, and talk about all the exciting products we will be launching at the show!

Plus you never know who will stop by the booth. John Force made sure to stop by last year, and while in the booth, autographed Phil Hines Championship winning ride.

See you all at the show!

2015 Mustang ProCharger System (Sneak Peek)


For every generation of Mustang (1965-2015), ProCharger has a supercharger system that is designed to be the absolute Ultimate Power Adder for it. And the brand new 2015 Mustang 5.0L ProCharger supercharger system is no different!

Once R&D started on the system design, it began with a 100% clean slate approach. This ensures that the ProCharger customer will have the best supercharger system possible, packed with many advantages to aid in reliability, reversibility, and the ultimate goal, HORSEPOWER!

We can’t give away ALL of the secrets yet, however here are some huge advantages this system offers.

- Upgradable to 1,225HP F-1R Head Unit
- Belt can be changed without removing supercharger
- Pulleys can be changed without removing the blower
- No cutting of radiator hoses
- No cutting or modifications to cooling fan
- 100% reversible
- Large Cold Air inlet
- Massive air-to-air intercooler
- Largest pulley/boost options
- Self Contained oiling head unit
- CNC Billet Aircraft grade gear case, and impeller

Another hot item in the R&D office, is the soon to be released Jeep Cherokee 6.4L SRT8 system. Be looking for more info on this system soon as well!


ProCharger C7 Intercoolers: It’s all about PERFORMANCE and TESTING!

*** For VIDEO click on IMAGE ***

We thought we would do a more “technical” blog than usual, and offer some insight into the testing that goes into intercooler development. Here we’ll illustrate how we use “real world” data to evaluate how the aerodynamics of a vehicle’s body affect the performance of an air-to-air intercooler.

In previous C7 Corvette blogs we talked about core design and track testing, so this time we’re going to focus more on what “track testing” means, and how different versions of the intercooler are evaluated.


When ProCharger began R&D for the C7 Stingray supercharger system, we determined that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to the intercooler was not an ideal solution. Lets be honest, the Corvette is not a “one-size-fits-all” performance vehicle, given the variety of racing mediums customers use them in. To ensure a customer has the ultimate air-to-air intercooler for their needs, two versions of the intercooler system was created (Vertical and Horizontal.) Customers using their C7’s for 1/4 mile drag racing or standing mile racing, can benefit from our outstanding vertical intercoolers advantages. And those using their cars on a road course application, will prefer our horizontal intercooler, that allows maximum engine cooling for long durations.

So lets dive into what steps were taken to ensure both of these ProCharger air-to-air intercoolers for the C7 were the undisputed industry leader.

LOCATION: First and foremost we knew it would take both a road course and drag strip to collect the data we needed for proper evaluation. The Heartland Park racetrack is located close to the ProCharger facility and offers up not only a world-class road course, but also an NHRA drag strip. This allows us to test the same car on both tracks, on the same day, with the same weather and conditions (thus eliminating changing variables that could otherwise skew the performance data).

(Full Complex Arial View)

(Road Course Layout, used for Testing)

DATA COLLECTION: Three separate laptops were on board recording nearly every engine parameter (that’s right THREE separate data acquisition systems), as well as pressure and temperatures at different locations on the supercharger system. For good measure we also used video and photography to capture aerodynamic effects.

ProCharger C7 Supercharger Data Collection

(It took 3 laptops on board to capture all data each run)
ProCharger C7 Supercharger Data Collection

TEAM: We wanted to keep the amount of cool down time between laps and passes constant, so each time the car would come in from a track session, all the vehicle data had to be logged and saved, and the entire intercooler system had to be swapped to test each design. To make sure all this happened quickly and consistently, a team of ProCharger staff worked feverishly with the skill and speed of a professional endurance race team.

(Changing Intercoolers)
Changing ProCharger Corvette Supercharger Intercoolers

DRIVER: All the testing equipment in the world will do no good if the driver can’t perform consistently on each pass and lap, and ProCharger is lucky to have AMA and ASRA licensed road racer Walt Sipp on our sales staff. Lap after lap, hour after hour, Walt’s driving abilities allowed him to push the Corvette to the limit, yet still retain consistent precision.

(Walt prepping before testing)
Walt Sipp Drives ProCharger C7 Corvette


Now for the test results, starting with the Vertical intercooler and followed by the Horizontal variations tested.

ProCharged supercharged C7 Drag Strip Stingray

Vertical Intercooler Testing: Absolutely lowest IAT’s, PERIOD. With a nearly non-existent pressure drop, the Vertical intercooler option is perfect for high-HP street cars, whether on the drag strip or long pulls down the highway. However, with the stock radiator and engine cooling system, this unit may not be ideal for road-racing with extreme multi-lap sessions at wide open throttle. Enter the Horizontal intercooler option.

(Vertical Intercooler)
ProCharger Corvette C7 Vertical Intercooler Supercharger


(135mph entrance to turn one)
ProCharger C7 Corvette 2014

Horizontal Intercooler Testing: We tested several versions of scoops, flaps, diffusers, etc to determine what the best fitment and the most effective cooling. Though none of the Horizontal intercooler options tested (regardless of flaps, scoops, size, etc) could match the Vertical intercooler’s low IAT’s, the Horizontal intercooler still has its merits–some of the versions that stood out from the rest are illustrated below …

(Horizontal Intercooler)
ProCharger Corvette C7 Horizontal Intercooler Supercharger

First Test Group:
3.5″ thick ProCharger cores (to mimic competitors’ available units)

A. Enclosed scoop, forward-facing, top of core
B. Factory flap, behind core opening

Second Test Group:
4.5″ thick ProCharger cores

(C) No scoop/flap, just open hole to ground
(D) Factory flap, behind core opening
(E) Factory flap, in front of core opening
(F) Extended flap, behind core opening
(G) Extended flap, in front of core opening
(H) Enclosed scoop, forward-facing, bottom of core
(I) Enclosed scoop, forward-facing, top of core
(J) Enclosed scoop, forward-facing, bottom of core, extended
(K) Multi-vane wings, forward-facing, bottom of core
(L) Multi-vane wings, rear-facing, bottom of core

So what does this all mean? Here is a quick breakdown of the notable tests, with images of a few of the options tested.

(A) and (I) = Poor Performance
Testing of these units had to be aborted due poor IAT’s and ECT overheating, likely due to the amount of air the scoop steals away from the radiator just behind it.


(H) and (J) = Moderate Performance These units performed well in terms of IAT’s and ECT, however aerodynamic problems occurred after above 135+ mph. The nose of the vehicle would lift causing “push” when cornering, and the braking transition was sketchy. For safety reasons, no testing about 140 mph was performed.


(D) = Good Performance This was the first unit to ship with our systems and performed well. However, the intercooler flaps that are intended to route air toward the core create a ground clearance issue for lowered vehicles, and have a tendency to lay over at higher speeds. The IAT’s and ECT also performed adequately, though not the best of the options we tested.


(L) = Best Performance
This unit could spend all day on the road course (at least until you ran out of gas, tires, or brakes). The IAT’s stayed exactly the same on each lap, the ECT stayed exactly the same (stock), no aerodynamic changes of the car were observed, and great ground clearance was achieved (even on lowered C7’s). This version wasn’t too far behind the Vertical unit in terms of low IAT’s and it has the same high-flowing core as the Vertical with nearly no pressure drop. This is the perfect unit for cars that will be at WOT for long periods of time, and/or in harsh, high-heat climates. Even though the unit is drawing air from underneath the car, the ground clearance is still close to factory.

ProCharger C7 Corvette Supercharger Intercooler Diffuser Scoop CAD

(Shown with intercooler)

So there you have it, a glimpse into the real-world testing and R&D, with data to back it up. For more than 20 years, ProCharger supercharger systems have been a premium product, consistently proven to be the top performer on the drag strip, the street, and the road course!

If you are looking for the Ultimate Power Adder® for your C7 Corvette Stingray at power levels from 650-1200+ HP, look no further and call ProCharger today at 913-338-2886.

If you already have a ProCharged C7 that you want to share with the world, please check out our FACEBOOK page, or tag us at #procharger

(Aftermath of only a few laps on fresh tires)
ProCharger C7 Corvette Tires on Road Course Supercharger

ProCharger V-Twin: Looks as Good as it Works

It’s sad to see the riding season winding down for most of us around the country. There is good news though, with winter time comes winter bike show season. So even if you can’t get out on the road, you can still shine up your ride and hang out with other like-minded motorcycle fanatics.

Nearly every big city has at least one great show during the winter months so now is the time to get started. Does your stock bike need something to get you in the game? Is your wild custom looking for the last piece to put you over the top? ProCharger superchargers can get you there either way.

A small sampling of custom builders that can back this up and have used ProCharger superchargers to not only add 40-80 HP or more, but to get the show-winning look, reads like a who’s-who of the custom bike world:

• Dirty Bird Concepts
• Azzkikr Customs
• Kendall Johnson Customs
• Arlen Ness
• East Coast Baggers
• DD Custom Cycles
• Leroy Thompson Choppers
• Goldammer Cycle Works
• DUB Performance
• APL Peformance
• Fat Baggers
• Grant County Choppers
• KlockWerks
• All N All Custom Baggers
• Camtech
• Perewitz Cycle Fab
• And on, and on and on …

(Click the images below to see the V-Twin Gallery)

ProCharger Softail Rocker

ProCharger Bagger

ProCharger has a bolt-on, self-contained, intercooled supercharger system available for virtually every model of air-cooled “Big Twin” H-D motorcycles from the latest 2015 H-D bikes to certain 1994 models. With this extensive line-up it means more people than ever can experience the same jaw dropping power and show quality look of a ProCharger Supercharger system.

For 20 years ProCharger superchargers has been making slow things fast and fast things ridiculous, so if you’re ready to install The ULTIMATE Power Adder on your H-D V-twin, visit the ProCharger motorcycle systems page here or call our V-Twin Sales Team at (913) 338-2886, M-F, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM central time.

More Championships and Records, End of Season Near!

With the leaves changing colors, and a few racing series coming to a close, it marks the end of the 2014 drag racing season. Which means only a few more passes worth of boosted, gear jamming, parachute throwing action, before these machines start their winter hibernation (or tear down) to get ready for next year.

First up, it seems we can’t go a single blog post without having to mention ANOTHER record pass by the Gen 5 Camaro of American Racing Headers / Farks Supercars. Almost every pass down the track, this car gets faster and faster. This heavy weight is currently powered by a ProCharger F-1C-94 supercharger, and is the FIRST IRS Camaro in the 7’s!!! How much faster can this car get? Here in the office we are all excited to see this car do what it does best, RAISE the BAR! Congratulations to the entire team for yet again another record pass.



Over the past few weeks, a few records have been re-written, a few champions crowned, and LOTS of fast ProCharger powered machines tearing up the strips across the USA. So lets dive into some details, starting with our 2014 Champions powered by ProCharger superchargers.

(Photo Credit:

This past weekend marked the end of the NMRA season, wrapping up in Bowling Green KY at one of our favorite tracks (Beech Bend Raceway). ProCharger racers clinched titles in both Renegade, as well as the Truck and Lightning class.

Bart Tobener, running his ProCharger F-1C-10.5 powered machine was a force to be reckoned with all season and Beech Bend was no different. This event had one of the tightest qualifying fields around, with the top 5 spots being separated by less then a 10th of a second. Though at the top of that list was Bart with the #1 qualifying spot (8.10@168). Bart and his Mod Motor machine marched their way through the field to the finals, taking not only the event WIN, but ALSO THE 2014 Renegade Championship!!! After switching from a competitor’s supercharger to a ProCharger, Bart has been on an unstoppable roll that lasted throughout the season. A HUGE CONGRATS to Bart and the MV Performance crew on an outstanding year!



Another Champion taking home the crown this weekend was Nina Gusler. With her in her 2013 F-150 with a ProCharger P-1SC-1 powered Coyote 5.0 clinched the championship in NMRA Truck & Lightning class. Also, she will most likely be awarded the Rookie of the year for the 2014 season! An interesting note about the truck is that Nina drove the truck to and from every NMRA event this year! She follows behind her husband Brad towing his race Lightning and their BG Racing parts display trailer. Congrats to you Nina, showing everyone that you can put the miles on this rig, run the number, and take home the big crown at the end of the year!!


On another note, at the same race Phil Hines in his F-1X-12 powered Street Outlaw Mustang ran an unbelievable 6.87@202! Unfortunately Phil brushed the wall and had to lift against John Urist in the semifinals. Giving Urist the win and allowing him to take over the points lead and championship. We all wish Phil and his car a speedy recovery, so he can get his car ready for this weekends NMCA race!

Click here to watch the 6.87 Pass!

ProCharger was on display in Bowling Green, ready to answer any questions you may have about our street or race supercharger systems.



Our booth featured an amazing Coyote-swapped Fox body, that rumor has it will soon be getting a magazine feature soon. This car not only features our ProCharger Coyote 8rib transplant system, but also makes 700 rwhp out of its stock GT crate motor on 10psi!


We showed off the brand new Coyote Cog System on the engine stand in the booth. Ideal for those looking for the perfect power adder for their 1000+ HP Coyote project.


Another feature car in the booth was a stunning (make that jaw dropping) 1965 Mustang powered by a fuel injected 347 with a huge ProCharger F-2! This car was driven to the track from the Cincinnati area, and got 22mpg on the trip.




Twice a year, some of the baddest 1/8th mile cars in the land do battle at the South Georgia Motorsports Park, at the “Light Out” and “No Mercy” events. These events should be marked on your calendars, on the list of “MUST ATTEND” if you are in the area.

Maybe most impressive is Enzo Pecinni in his ProCharger F-3R-136 boosted BAE Hemi powered Mustang. He qualified very well in the premier class of “Radial vs. World” #4 with a 4.13 @ 188! Than backed that up with a 4.14 and another 4.13. That 4.13 @188 is the new fastest 1/8th mile pass for a ProCharger powered car on radials!


Another notable racing feat that recently has came to our attention, is Dan Baumann’s trip to the 7’s. Running a 7.81@175 made Dan the first supercharged car to run in the 7’s under the new class rules. This pass happened during the NMRA/NMCA super bowl, where Dan runs in Xtreme Street. However what makes this pass so amazing, is that it was done on a “small” blower, compared to what the class allows. Blowers as large as a F-1C-10.5 are legal for this class, however Dan made this blistering pass on the new F-1C-94 that is only a 9.75″ blower. We have a feeling this car is just starting to show its hand of what its capable of, and can’t wait to see more. (Dan will possibly be testing the larger blower here shortly)



Joe Priola and his steel 3500 lb 1966 Chevelle is powered by a 555ci Big Block Chevy with boost from a ProCharger F-3R-136. Joe is now getting this Chevelle dialed in with a new EFI system, and just a few weeks ago he ran a ground pounding 6.98 @ 204 mph! Joe runs this car at many Chicago area grudge and outlaw drag races, and is planning to attempt the ultimate grueling test of the true street car at Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week in 2015.

A few more races are left, and four other ProCharged racers are still in the points lead in their respective classes and in position for championships as the final races approach in other sanctioning bodies. So stay tuned to our blog and facebook as we will keep you up to date! For comments and questions please contact us at 913-338-2886.

SPY SHOTS! (Another SRT8 in the building)

It goes without saying, ProCharger superchargers has been leading the way in HEMI supercharger systems, so it comes as no surprise another platform is being added to the list. Here is a glimpse of what we found hiding over in the ProCharger warehouse. Its big, 4wd, and has a very large HEMI under the hood!!! Yes that is correct, ProCharger is about to release its intercooled supercharger system for the NEW body style Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8!!! And we have some teaser images to share.


The same engineering that helps power the worlds fastest GEN3 HEMI in the WORLD! can be seen in this new system. We can’t let out all the details of the supercharger system right now, but can assure you that it will be well worth the wait.

From the industry leading self-contained supercharger headunit, to the coolest air charge possible from its air to air intercooler. Every aspect on this system will add up to delivering the highest HP possible, with just a mild amount of pump gas friendly boost. The system can be purchased 100% turn-key including fuel system and handheld tuning. Or in tuner kit fashion for those wanting to do their own programing, or adding engine and/or exhaust modifications to their Jeeps.


Keep your eyes and ears peeled to our blog and Facebook, as we try and leak as many details as we can. Otherwise give us a shout at 913-338-2886 for further questions, or comments.

ProCharger Chevy SS Sedan, packing 610+ HP

Pretty much everyone we know loves the heavenly sound of a V8 starting up in the morning, and the smell of burnt rubber. However not all of us can have Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaros and Challengers, due to needing a bit more space. So for those of us that need to fit “real” human beings in both the front seat, and rear, we are left with the world of high performance V8 sedans.

ProCharger Supercharged Chevy SS Sedan 610HP Supercharger

Over the years, this market is getting a bit smaller, however the cars are at the top of their games in pretty much every aspect, styling, handling, and performance. To find a vast variety of these cars you have to look outside of the US. However here in the states, we are lucky to have the all-new Chevy SS Sedan. And ProCharger has just wrapped up its supercharger system for it!

So how does a ProCharged Chevy SS stack up?

2014 ProCharged Chevy SS 610HP* $50,574**
2014 Audi RS7 560HP $106,500
2014 BMW M5 575HP $95,850
2014 Jaguar XFR-S 550HP $99,875
2014 Mercedes E63 577HP $99,770
2014 Cadillac CTS-V 556HP $64,900

2014 Chevrolet SS ProCharger Supercharged 610 HP Supercharged

OK, so we know you’re probably thinking, “There is no WAY you can compare the Chevy SS to those cars” and we feel you. That is, until you start looking at the numbers, and the details. Forget the badges on the front grills for a moment and look at that hard cold data.

Every car on this list features:
Big brake systems
Great suspension
Killer sound systems
Race inspired seats
Electronic gizmos for days
Fit and finish unheard of just 10 years ago
Four doors and room for the family and crew.
And a big high HP motor in the front, driving those big rollers out back

When you start looking at the 0-60 numbers, and other performance facts, you will start to notice about the ONLY place the Chevy SS was lacking, was in the HP category, and with a simple ProCharger supercharger system that is all thing of the past. Lets dive into the what makes this 610+ HP monster possible.

Chevy SS Procharger Underhood Supercharger Supercharged

The ProCharger Chevy SS Supercharger system starts its foundation with the industry leading P-1SC-1 head unit. Mounted with a robust CNC billet alum bracket system, driven by a dedicated drive belt system. 7psi of forced air from the supercharger is feed to the huge air-to-air front mount intercooler, where its chilled before entering the 6.2L power plant. What does all of that mean? It means you can BOLT on a ProCharger to your brand new SS, and enjoy the smile 610+ Horse Power will put on your face.

ProCharger Chevrolet SS Supercharged Intercooler Supercharged

Procharger Supercharger Chevy SS 2014 Boost Bracket

So if you are looking for a four door, rear wheel drive sedan that delivers a powerful supercharged punch, the ProCharger SS straight out delivers. The ProCharger supercharger system, and the Chevy SS are a sure fire way to make sure owners of those “other” cars take notice, without taking out a second mortgage.

ProCharger Chevrolet SS Sedan Supercharger

Other Notable Family “Super Cars”
2014 ProCharged Charger SRT8 650+HP
2014 ProCharged 300C SRT8 650+HP

* 415 Rated HP, 342rwhp = 17.59% drivetrain loss, 519rwhp ProCharged = 610HP
**$43,475 MSRP base price + $7,099 MSRP ProCharger System = $50,574

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