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ProCharger supporting even MORE racing in 2015!

If its one thing we love here at ProCharger, its BOOST.
But what we love even more than boost is, RACING!

To show our appreciation to our racers and the sanctioning bodies, ProCharger superchargers is please to announce our class sponsorships for the 2015 season!

We are setting the bar HIGH, with (3) Class sponsorships in the following sanctioning bodies.

NMRA - Coyote Modified


PSCA - 235 Limited


NMCA WEST - Street Outlaw


Going beyond just class sponsorships, ProCharger is also proud to announce that we are adding (2) more contingency payouts in the X275 series and WCHRA! That’s in addition to also paying contingency in NMCA, as well as NMRA, PSCA and NMCA West.



We didn’t just stop at cars either, with ProCharger superchargers now powering all sorts of Harley, Victory, Suzuki and other motorcycles. We are also proud to announce sponsorship of the following events.

In the IDBL league.

We are sponsoring the PRO STREET class
At the Battle Royale.
July 24-26, 2015
Maryland International Raceway
Orient Express Motorcycle U.S. Nationals


And at the Sturgis Drags, (BHBDRA)
Sponsoring the “King Of The Sturgis Drags” class.



ProCharger racers recently qualified #1, #2, and #3.
In the Outlaw Drag Radial class at the Lights out 6 event!

#1) Will Stevenson 4.20@182
#2) Mustang Mike 4.26@174
#3) Chad Opaleski 4.27@181

So congratulations goes out to these racer for their outstanding achievement.

So its time to bust out the calendars, and start marking those race event dates down!


ProCharger i-1 Systems, NOW for 2007-2013 GM Truck/SUV’s and 6.2L F-150!


For months we have heard truck owners BEGGING us for more i-1 supercharger systems, since we released them for the Ford Raptors. Well for the 2007-2013 1500/2500HD GM/GMC owners the wait is OVER!

When asking the question, “Why does a person own a truck?” the answer is simple. It’s because we want a vehicle that can do anything and everything. As a truck owner we want to be able to haul friends/family, we want to be able to tow toys around, we may need to throw stuff in the bed, and to top it all off we still want our trucks to be FAST!


So with the diversity of how a truck gets used, doesn’t it make sense that your power adder should be just as versatile? Of course you do, which is why ProCharger invented the award winning i-1 supercharger. With a simple “swipe” of the finger on your touch screen you can not only dial in the boost that best fits what you are doing, but also the boost curve itself!

(Raptor Dash Shown)
ProCharger Raptor i1 i-1 Supercharger Dash Touch Screen

This 2007-2013 GM Truck/SUV system has two intercooler location options, horizontal and vertical. The horizontal unit is mounted below the truck for those that prefer the “stealth” look, and the vertical unit is mounted behind the grill for those looking to make a statement. For customers wanting to push the HP levels and boost levels up, an even larger vertical intercooler can be purchased.


For those of you with the HD trucks we haven’t forgot about you either. We will be rolling out the i-1 supercharger system for the GM 2500 trucks with the rock solid 6.0L engine platform as well.


ProCharger is also happy to announce the release of the Ford F-150 i-1 supercharger system for trucks with the optional 6.2L engine. (Not just Raptors) Here is a little video by the crew at MAK Performance. They installed a Raptor kit onto a Harley F-150, that happens to share the same 6.2L engine that the Raptor comes with. In this video you can hear the blower changing modes at idle speed. If you listen close you can hear the impeller speed speed up, and slow down. Pretty cool video, thanks MAK for putting it out there!

Also, while on the topic, ProCharger i-1 supercharger systems for 2011-14 5.0 F-150’s are currently in development and will begin shipping in the spring.

The ProCharger i-1 supercharger system not only delivers performance, but simplicity.

- Easy bolt on install

The system comes to your door with everything you need to bolt the system on in your garage. No complicated exhaust work, No cutting or trimming, No fabrication, No hassle. Even the simple air-to-air intercooler is a bolt on item, vs. time consuming air to water intercooler installs. For the i-1 itself, a simple plug-n-play harness is provided to connect the i-1 supercharger to the programmable control box

- Programable Boost Levels

Not only are the boost levels programable, but they are also adjustable on the fly from inside the cab via the touch screen or dial. No pulley changes, No boost controllers, No drama. Imagine you are towing a 7,000lb trailer, and get in an area with bad fuel where running full boost isn’t possible. With the i-1 you can instantly turn down the boost, to make sure your engine is protected even in a situation such as this.

- Programable Boost Curve

The i-1 supercharger not only allows a person to pick the boost level of their choosing, but also the “curve” of how the boost comes in. Having this ability can help you tailor your curve for traction limited conditions or towing.

- Large air-to-air intercooler

For the best cooling of the charge air going into your motor, the i-1 features a large highly effective air-to-air intercooler in the system. These intercoolers easily bolt right in, and are not complicated with no water reservoirs to fill/bleed and no pumps to fail.

- MPG Increases

Thanks to the efficient design of our supercharger and quality ECU tuning, many of our customers report great gains in fuel economy. Not many people purchase a supercharger to save a few $$ at the gas pump. Though its a good peace of mind to know your install is not going to hurt you at the gas station either.

So if you are a truck owner and are ready for the Ultimate Power Adder, drop us a line at 913-338-2886 or We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and refer you to a ProCharger dealer nearest you!

Check out the i-1 in action on an LS3 Camaro:

Corvette C6 Stage 2 Systems, Bring on the POWER!


Over the years the power levels of Corvette C6’s with ProCharger superchargers have been pushed from 550rwhp to a mind-blowing 1,491rwhp! (video)

A little while back we released our new “Race” air-to-air intercooler, which has already been destroying the dyno rollers to the tune of 1,457rwhp!(video)

With these big power cars becoming the norm nowadays, ProCharger has added a Stage II C6 Corvette system to the product lineup. Read on to find out the differences between the Stage II system and the HO system.


With big power comes the need for big airflow to the blower. The Stage II Corvette system will come with a 4.00″ inlet tube combined with a high-flowing, reusable air filter.

ProCharger Corvette C6 Stage 2 Inlet Filter


A challenge with high HP C6 supercharger systems is combating serpentine belt slip. The longer the belt, the more it will stretch as power is applied to it. To keep the ProCharger drive belt short, we have incorporated a dedicated belt drive into the new Stage II system. The dedicated belt drive works by separating the supercharger and accessories from the single drive belt and runs them on belts of their own. The supercharger runs a dedicated belt directly to the factory balancer, and the accessories are driven by a new power transfer drive system that allows them to run on a different belt. By adding a dedicated drive belt system for the ProCharger, we are able to decrease the overall belt length by over 40%, creating an ultra-strong grip, which in turn leads to more consistent boost levels and less belt slip.



ProCharger also made sure that the accessories were given a strong OEM spring loaded tensioner. Using a spring loaded tensioner ensures that the accessories will have the proper belt pressure applied to them as the belt wears and grows over time.

c6_direct_drive_procharger stage 2 supercharger

To make installation of the accessory belt easy, we have also included an extra “boss” built into the bracket to allow for better leverage to release the tensioner. Once tension is off the belt, the belt can be easily slipped over the alternator pulley.

ProCharger Direct Drive Corvette Install Stage 2

The Stage II system will come standard with a 6 rib blower drive belt running off the factory balancer. Upgrades to wider belts will be available soon with the addition of an aftermarket balancer.

If you already have an existing HO ProCharger system, and are looking for an upgrade. Each item can be purchased separately as well.

- Stage 2 Inlet
- Stage 2 Direct Drive System
- Race Intercooler Upgrade

Yes, even the race intercooler that we launched in 2014 can be purchased as an upgrade to existing kits, or as an option when purchasing a new system.

ProCharger Corvette Intercooler Options Race and HO Air to Air

For more details on this ProCharger C6 Corvette Stage II supercharger system or any of our other products, please contact us at (913) 338-2886 or

STAGE 2 ProCharger Systems for 2015 Mustangs, RELEASED!

Just released, Bolt on 230+ Horsepower!

If you are anywhere on the internet forums you obviously have heard the chatter about the amazing accomplishments ProCharger HO system have already had on these 2015 Mustangs. Accomplishments such as…

600rwhp on just 8psi from MAK performance
709rwhp from Blow By Racing!
703rwhp from Amazon Tuning Solutions. CLICK FOR VIDEO

However, even with those impressive power numbers from otherwise stock cars running the HO systems, we knew that wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the true power/boost junkies out there. So to make sure everyone is covered from 600 to 1,225+ HP we are proud to announce the release of the 2015 Mustang ProCharger Stage 2 system, which allows you to bolt on an additional 230+ HP to otherwise stock motors running 91 octane pump gas.


The first thing you will notice about this under hood shot of the ProCharger Stage 2 supercharger system is the 8 rib belt connected to the P-1SC-1 head unit. This belt is now driven off a dedicated crankshaft pulley, compared to the shared 6 rib drive of the HO system. This dedicated belt system is designed to support up to the 1,225HP+ F-1R headunit! With F-1A/F-1C/F-1R blowers already powering cars into the 7 second range in the 1/4 mile, its going to be wild to see what 2015 Mustang owners are going to accomplish this season.


(Shown in Satin Finish)

Now just because the word “racing” is being used, do NOT think this Stage 2 system is something that will have you trimming/drilling/cutting into your car. This system is not only very easily installed, is is also 100% reversible, same as the HO system. That’s right, even a kit that supports up to 1,225+ HP doesn’t require any permanent vehicle modifications.

ProCharger knows that these systems will be used for high HP racing applications that dictate a rock-solid crank pulley design. Using a patented design, we are able to adapt a 8″ supercharger drive pulley onto the factory harmonic balancer, without having to drill or modify any factory parts. (balancers are already pinned from the factory). The ProCharger crank pulley works by using a system of “cam-locks” to securely grip the factory balancer, taking the load off the crank bolt, and ensuring years of service without worry.

2015 Mustang ProCharger Supercharger Stage 2 crank pulley


Combining this 8″ crank pulley with a HD tensioner near the supercharger pulley, the system was designed for maximum belt wrap. Having a dedicated belt for the supercharger means less belt stretch. (AKA MORE tension and traction) Having a dedicated belt also gives the added bonus of being able to quickly remove the supercharger belt. After removing the supercharger belt all other functions of the car will remain the same, and still drivable.

2015 Mustang ProCharger Supercharger Stage 2 Bracket System

Even with the best belt wrap possible the tensioner system still needs to be up to the task of holding drive power without slippage. ProCharger’s tensioner is unique in design in that its not only spring loaded, but also allows the customer to add as much pre-load adjustment as they want into the belt. This tensioner has already been proven to support high HP racing applications with dedicated 8 rib belts, ensuring a solid grip for those with elevated boost and power levels.

You can also change the pulley and 8-rib belt without removing the bracket or the supercharger. Making for quick and easy boost changes at the track or in your garage.


ProCharger’s massive 2015 Mustang Air-to-Air intercoolers make a huge visual statement, and have the performance to back it up.

The 2015 Mustang HO intercooler has already been tested to support over 800HP due to its highly effective 630 cubic inch core. While the Stage 2 intercooler increases its cooling core size by a mind blowing 75%, while still fitting behind the factory bumper without cutting/drilling/trimming any factory parts. (Yes, HO Systems can be upgraded to Stage 2 Intercoolers at time of purchase)

procharger_2015 mustang_intercoolers_sizes_HO_stage 2

For those of you that are the “DIY type” doing installations in your home garage. The ProCharger Stage 2 system comes with a handheld programmer from Diablosport with a supplied ECU tune for the supercharger. ProCharger has spent countless hours on the Dyno/Street to not only deliver you a high horsepower tune, but also making sure to retain reliability. With long-term reliability in mind, these tunes are set up from ProCharger to account for fuel variations across the country. Custom tuning may result in more power, however is not required.


OK, so we know that we threw a lot of information out there about this new system, now let’s take a moment and break down the differences from the HO and Stage 2 systems for these 2015 Mustangs.

HO SYS: 8 psi Boost, HO Intercooler, Shared Drive, 45-50%+ power gain
STG 2 SYS: 9 psi Boost, Stg 2 Intercooler, Dedicated Drive, 55%+ power gain

The HO system can be upgraded to Stage 2 intercooler.
Both systems can be upgraded to the “Red” ProCharger racing bypass valve.


ProCharger is located in Kansas City, where all systems are 100% imagined, designed, and produced right here in the U.S.A. We look forward to earning your business, and adding you to the ever-growing ProCharger Family!

Happy Boosting,

ProCharger Superchargers Makes Jeep SRT Grand Cherokee Supercar Quick!


BOLT ON 215+ Horsepower with 7 psi!

Even though this ProCharger-powered Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 SRT is a heavy SUV (tipping the scales at a whopping 5,150 lbs), that weight disadvantage is NOT stopping this supercharged SUV from ripping off 0-60 in sub 4 seconds (3.6 traction-limited seconds to be exact)!

At first glance, a 3.6 second 0 to 60 may not seem very fast, that is until you compare it to the competition. The only “fair” comparison would be its brother from another mother, the Mercedes ML63 AMG. Take a moment to let the sticker shock wear off ($98,400 AMG vs. $64,380 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT) and let’s take a look at the performance numbers:

0 to 60 Times:
Stock Jeep SRT = 4.8 seconds
Stock Mercedes ML63 = 4.8 seconds
ProCharged Jeep SRT8 = 3.6 seconds

Stock Jeep SRT = 470 Horsepower
Stock Mercedes ML63 = 518 Horsepower
ProCharged Jeep SRT = 680+ Horsepower

*HP rating based on 23.82% drivetrain loss (rated 470 flywheel HP to 358 rear wheel HP)

So with nothing more than a bolt-on ProCharger supercharger system that installed in a matter of hours, you can shed at least 1 full second off your 0-60 time, and absolutely destroy this Jeep’s closest competitor. Trust us when we say, you’ll never look at the Jeep’s Launch Control button the same way again.


Use it sparingly though, because ripping off supercharged launches under full power can become addicting … and you may have to contact a doctor to remove the permanent grin from your face. Now lets dive into some other features that make this ProCharger system so awesome.

Upon opening the hood, the first thing you’ll notice is the ultra clean OEM fit and finish of the ProCharger supercharger system. No cutting or trimming is required during installation, which makes returning the truck to stock a breeze (If needed). The supercharger and bracket can be purchased in satin, black or polished finish.



Once the ProCharger Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT supercharger system is installed, people with a keen eye will notice the large air-to-air intercooler lurking behind the grill, demanding respect from “car people” in the know. Large and highly effective, the ProCharger intercooler is HUGE–good news for people looking to turn up these SUV’s above and beyond the HO intercooled system to produce even more boost and larger power gains.


This ProCharger supercharger system was designed with long lasting performance in mind. Thanks to the amazingly efficient P-1SC-1 supercharger and highly effective intercooler, massive power gains are possible with only 7psi of boost! Such a low boost number means you can be safe to run quality pump fuel from any gas station in the country (91+ octane).

If you are ready to turn your Jeep SRT Grand Cherokee into power-producing, street-screeching monster, drop us a line and we’ll show you the way. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about this system or any other ProCharger supercharger system in our vast product lineup.


(913) 338-2886

This new ProCharger system begins shipping in late February, from the leaders in HEMI supercharging.

And remember to follow us on Facebook, and use #procharger or @procharger when sharing your ProCharger-powered ride!

Time to #replacethegrenade with a ProCharger Aluminum Coolant tank for 2015 Mustangs!

One of the biggest eye sores under the hood of the 2015 Mustangs, is the coolant tank on top of the fan shroud.
So much of an eye sore, it’s already given the knick name of “The Grenade” on the internet.

However ProCharger has a solution for all 2015 Mustang owners, in the form of a high quality aluminum coolant tank replacement! This 2015 Mustang Coolant tank comes pre powder coated for outstanding show finish, ready to bolt on. Vehicle fitment is all 2015 Mustang’s no matter what engine platform. (2.3L EcoBoost, 3.7L V6, and Mustang GT with 5.0L Coyote)

100% ready to bolt in using factory lines and hardware
Comes powder coated in high quality black finish
Built from Fabricated Aluminum for high strength/durability
Includes a OEM Ford Radiator Cap
Best in market price point for coated tank
Offset placement for larger diameter cold air intakes

RETAIL MSRP: $189.00

CONTACT: or 913-338-2886
Or visit your local ProCharger supercharger dealer!

Stock tank:

ProCharger 2015 Mustang Coolant Tank replacement installed:


Items included in the ProCharger 2015 Mustang Coolant Tank replacement kit:


This is the same high quality tank included in both HO and Stage II ProCharger supercharger systems for the 2015 5.0 Mustang GT.

ProCharged Snowmobile Wins Gold at X games, and 310 RWHP Harley!

On the street…..

Mark Foss’s 2007 Road Glide has recently become somewhat of an internet sensation. The bike built by Kendall Johnson Customs was recently videoed terrorizing the streets with over 310 rear wheel horsepower. On the throttle power wheelies are had at ease going pretty much any speed. The internet has responded with over 500,000 views of the video seen below. The bike features a Zach Johnson massaged 127ci S&S engine and C-1R supercharger and custom intercooler. Keep eyes out for a full magazine feature article offering all the details on this awesome bike.

Huge ProCharger Harley Wheelie Video 310 Horsepower

310 HP Harley ProCharger Bagger Supercharged

Find out more about the ProCharger’s V-Twin offering HERE

On the snow…..

ESPN X-Games Aspen 2015 saw the return of Hillcross to the snowmobile sport line-up. This is a run-what-you-dare class pitting the best riders on the fastest sleds around. Sounds like a perfect fit for some instant ProCharger power. Riders lined up six across racing uphill and against the clock. Ryan Simons drilled the hole-shot and led the field into turn one each heat and in the final making the Gold Medal almost look easy! This sled is packing a Speedwerx built ProCharger B-1 powered Arctic Cat 2-Stroke 800cc engine making 220+ hp.

ProCharger Powered Arctic Cat Supercharged Wins ESPN X-games Hillcross

Engine bay shot

The GOLD medal!

Find out more about the Speedwerx offering at

Street, Strip, Sand, Dirt, Snow, Water and everything in between. ProCharger – The Ultimate Power Adder.

ProCharger has powered over 100 Champions in the last 15 years…

…isn’t it time you become one of them?

Ready to SUPERCHARGE your career?


There are so many different catchy quotes we could have put here, it was hard to stick to just one. Though no matter what phrase we use it ends up meaning the same thing.

If you like working in a “fast paced” environment full of fellow car enthusiasts, then ProCharger is looking for you! With a record-setting year behind us in 2014 (on and off the race track), we are looking for well qualified people to fill positions here at our Kansas City facility, to keep growing our 20 year trend!

So it’s time to dust off that resume …
And click on these links for more details!

CNC Machinist (Mill and Lathe, First and Second Shift)

Precision Assembly

Technical Service Manager (motorsports experience required)

Marketing Manager

Performance Technician

Manufacturing Engineer

Shipping Assistant

ProCharger Announces Stage II HEMI Supercharger Systems!

When trying to determine the most reliable and cost-effective method of adding horsepower to a HEMI-powered car or truck, one must consider the power adder that catapults the WORLD’S FASTEST GEN III HEMI to its 6-second passes. Thus, consider nothing less than a ProCharger supercharger of course! If Rob Goss uses ProCharger power to push his HEMI to record-breaking passes at the track, just think of what ProCharger can do to the HEMI in your very own garage.

For years, the ProCharger HO Intercooled Supercharger System has been delivering big power numbers to hundreds of HEMI customers, but now the time has come for the next evolution of ProCharger power–the Stage II Dedicated Drive System and tuner kit for 6.4L/392 HEMI’s! So if you are aching for 800, 900, 1000, even 1200+ HP from your HEMI-powered monster, we have your solution.

Worlds Fastest Gen III HEMI ProCharger Rob Goss

The ProCharger Stage II Supercharger offering features an all new 8-rib dedicated drive system and race intercooler upgrade for 6.4L and 5.7L (air-to-air race intercooler coming soon for 6.1L also). Why should this be music to your ears? Let us explain:

ProCharger HEMI 392 Stage 2 Supercharger System

ProCharger designed this dedicated 8-rib system to have maximum belt wrap in order to support the truly power hungry. The bracket system fits head units up to F-1A-94 without modifications to the car, which means no cutting or trimming with a blower that can support 1,200+ HP!

(Shown with P-1SC-1)
ProCharger Stage 2 HEMI Supercharger System

Even though this system is perfect for “race” applications, it can still be used with a P-1SC-1 at lower boost levels for mild street applications. The OEM-quality fit and finish is what you’d expect from the ProCharger engineering department, as illustrated in the image below.

ProCharger Stage 2 Engine Bay HEMI Supercharger System

In order to support the power levels made possible by the Stage II System, ProCharger now also offers a Race Intercooler option for both the 6.4L and 5.7L HEMI platforms (6.1L coming soon). Below is an image of this new huge intercooler mounted behind the factory bumper cover because, you guessed it, no trimming or cutting is required to fit this highly effective intercooler behind the bumper, thanks to a custom ProCharger design built just for this application. That’s great news for anyone who may want to return their car back to stock down the road.

This animation shows the two intercooler options available for the 2011+ 6.4L SRT Challenger. The HO intercooler features a high flow, top-to-bottom core design that maximizes available airflow through the car’s front fascia. However, for those pushing higher boost and horsepower levels, the Race Intercooler option with 970 cubic inch core is also available.

Stage II Intercooler = 423 cubic/inch Cooling Core
Race Intercooler = 970 cubic/inch Cooling Core

HEMI 6.4L Challenger Intercoolers

For more details on ProCharger intercooler design and testing, check out our previous blog HERE.

Even though we have only just announced this Stage 2 dedicated 8-rib system, it deserves to be said that ProCharger customers have been making HUGE power with the standard HO Intercooled Shared Drive System for years. In fact, here’s one example of a 1000HP ProCharger-powered HEMI, known as BLACK WIDOW STIG, which has been tearing up 1/2 mile and 1/8th mile events 996 RWHP!


Another example of the ProCharger HO System, with Race Intercooler upgrade, is this 100% stock 2011 Challenger. With no modifications other then the ProCharger system, this heavy weight Dodge rips off nearly 10 second 1/4 mile times, with an amazing 127mph trap speed. Remember the beauty of a ProCharger system, is that these supercharger systems come 100% complete ready to bolt on, in your garage with common hand tools. Imagine leaving the dealership on Friday night with a 470hp stock Challenger, and by Saturday evening be driving a 670HP+ MONSTER!


For further questions or pricing on this ProCharger HEMI Stage 2 Supercharger system, please contact us at (913) 338-2886 or email us at

We’re happy to answer any questions you have and get you in touch with the dealer nearest you.

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