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ProCharger i-1, Programmed to Blow your MIND!

No better way to kick this blog off, than a little play on words. With its robust boost curve, and best in the industry power per psi, the ProCharger i-1 is really blowing peoples minds. (Pun intended) The concept of being able to program your boost curve from the cockpit on the fly has been dreamed of for years by supercharger lovers, and that dream is now reality with the ProCharger i-1.


In this blog we will feature some of the various i-1 installs that we have found floating around the net. Ranging from customer installs, to shop installs, and even the magazines that couldn’t wait to get their hands on these amazing superchargers. No matter who gets behind the wheel of an i-1 equipped vehicle, usually 9 times out of 10 the first word out of their mouth is “WOW.” As they are blown away by the blowers ability to give you the down low rush of nearly instant boost, but still have that amazing top end charge of a centrifugal blower. Enough with the small talk, lets get down to some of these featured installs.

In no particular Order:

One of the cars you can’t miss around the internet is that of a 2013 Stang, owned by APR Performance. When APR was looking for a supercharger to motivate their aerodynamic R&D test car, they needed a supercharger that could match their car’s ability both on and off the track. With the i-1’s ability to change boost curves, APR can get the perfect mix between daily driver, and track terror. The HUGE power the i-1 delivers really helps APR put their body kit and those huge brakes to the test on the road course. On the dyno, the ProCharger i-1 spun those big rollers to the song of 568rwhp on just 7.5psi of boost, even on 91 octane Cali grade fuel! Check out more info about this car, on the Mustang 360 write up by clicking HERE




Next up is an ProCharger i-1 supercharger install by Squires performance. We ran across this video via an email sent into us from the customer, raving about how enjoyable his system was. Here are some of the quotes from his email:

“The car is an animal. From what I’ve experienced it’s a very efficient supercharger. The transmission built into the supercharger makes it pull full boost way earlier than a traditional centrifugal or positive displacement charger. The numbers it’s putting down are better than what the GT500’s are doing and it’s also stones lighter than them. Rick Squires did an amazing job on it.”

We always appreciate the kind words, about the product and our installing dealers. Here is a link to a youtube video of this car in action, where it lays down 611rwhp on just 7psi!

Long time Mustang racer, and shop owner Mike Dez shows us that even 100% stock automatic cars can lay down the power numbers (549rwhp) with the ProCharger i-1 system. When we asked Mike how he liked this system his reply was, “I never expected the boost to be so instant, competition mode is no joke” and “The ability to control the boost curve on the i-1, makes it a great daily driver and a strip terror all in one package.” Mike plans on hitting the track soon, and eventually turning the boost up once adds some traction aids.

We know how hard it is to impress the hardcore racers such as Mike, so hearing quotes like that makes all of us in the office very proud.

Mike Dez racing ProCharger i-1 Supercharged Mustang

Mike Dez Racing ProCharger i-1 Mustang Underhood

And remember one of the understatements of the year, BOLT ON 10’s!!! We did it with out 2011 in-house test car, and you can to. The recipe is simple, take a 2011+ Mustang GT, add an i-1 ProCharger supercharger system, headers and exhaust, some sticky tires and HOLD ON! We say BOLT ON, since an average guy can install (bolt on) those parts in his garage in a weekend, and take his Mustang from stock, to a 10 second 1/4 mile terror.

Here is a little video by the crew at MAK Performance. They installed a Raptor kit onto a Harley F-150, that happens to share the same 6.2L engine that the Raptor comes with. In this video you can hear the blower changing modes at idle speed. If you listen close you can hear the impeller speed speed up, and slow down. Pretty cool video, thanks MAK for putting it out there!

To switch gears from big Ford trucks, to more GM 2 door fun, lets take a look at some Camaros we have found around the net featuring ProCharger i-1 systems.

Starting with this youtube video we found of Motiva Performance tuned Camaro with 645rwhp on 7psi, with E85 and an impressive 608rwhp on pump gas! This car features not only the ProCharger i-1 system, but also the addition of a Flex Fuel sensor, for a really trick install. What a perfect match up, having a car that can change its tune from pump gas to E85, and a supercharger that you can change the boost on the fly to match your fuel type. We dig it!

Listen and Watch it by clicking below

Owning an i-1 supercharger system, isn’t always about the sheer power it produces. But also, the passion behind how much fun the car becomes to drive, and the thrill of being able to change modes and boost levels on the fly. Possibly one of the best videos we have found to help describe that passion of driving an i-1 powered Camaro, is that produced by the guys over at

Check out the video of their Project 5th Gen Camaro, featuring an i-1 below.

If you like clean install photos, with LOTS of facts to satisfy the “nerd” in you, check out their install write up, by clicking on the image below.

One car that got plenty of questions asked about it, was this 2010 i-1 ProCharged Camaro at the Street Car Takeover events. This car is 100% stock, other then the addition of a dual disc clutch. It turns the dyno rollers to over 600rwhp on pump gas, and rips off mid 11 second quarter mile passes. (Very traction limited) If it didn’t have the ProCharger Supercharged sticker on the front glass, this car might be the ultimate sleeper.

ProCharged Orange Camaro SS i-1 Supercharged Underhood

ProCharged Orange Camaro SS i-1 Supercharged Blower

ProCharged Orange Camaro SS i-1 Supercharged

GM High Tech Magazine known for its in-depth stories and giving the cold hard facts, wanted to supercharge their road racing project car, and the first call they made was to ProCharger. Knowing this car was going to live on the road course in sunny (hot) Florida, the super efficient design, and low inlet temps of the i-1 was a perfect match. Not to mention that instant boost, to help pull this Camaro out of a corner with a rush of acceleration. They did an awesome write up on the performance on the road course of PBIR, and the installation of the supercharger, which you can read by clicking the links below.

Click Image to learn more about road racing an i-1.

Click Image FOR a KILLER TECH install

Another fun video we found floating around, was that of a customer showing how to change the modes in his 2008 Corvette. With a little spirited run, that we will assume is on a closed course under professional supervision. One of the things you can notice in this video is that the touch screen can display lots of different data, and has a VERY fast sample rate.

With more and more ProCharger i-1 Supercharger systems shipping out daily. We can’t wait to see more of them pop up around the net, however if you have a comment or would like to share your ProCharger experience (i-1 or Standard) feel free to reach out to us at or 913-338-2886 and we would be happy to hear for you.

Thanks for reading as always!

Faster and Faster, ProCharger racers raise the bar higher!

ProCharger racers are setting records everywhere they go, on all sorts of tracks, no matter how many wheels they have.
Let’s take a closer look at what’s been going on in the last couple of weeks.

In the Land of Two Wheels:

Now that the Sturgis Rally has wrapped up, all eyes in the world of two wheel performance are on the Salt Flats, for the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials. Weather conditions leading up to (and during) the event, had everyone concerned that this might not be the year for records to be broken; however, the rain did clear just long enough to get passes in, and everyone was in a hurry to make them count. As the motorcycles all began making their way home from the event, two ProCharger supercharged machines came home with (3) new Records! Let’s take a closer look at these destroyers of the salt, and what makes these machines fly.

The Hiro Koiso Racing team, has always been a strong contender when it comes to all out speed bikes. This year was no different as they brought home TWO, yes TWO different records at the speed trials. Their black 2006 FXD based Harley-Davidson laid down records of 211.080 mph and 211.0325 mph in each class specific configuration. (Hiro’s one way top speed was 221+ MPH) This machine is powered by a 135″ JIMS Twin Cam engine, modified by T-Man Performance, and is motivated by a stock ProCharger B-1 System. (Custom intercooler is used, due to body work)

With the body cladding on:
Hiro Koiso Racing Harley Record Supercharged ProCharger Bonneville Speed Trials

What 273rwhp looks like under the skin:
Hiro Koiso Racing Harley Record Supercharged ProCharger Bonneville Speed Trials

If you have some time on your hands check out the awesome photos on the Hiro page, by clicking HERE. And videos by clicking HERE


What happens when you team up Lloydz Motorworks,Brian Klock and Helping with Horsepower? Well with that winning combo, you end up with a record setting machine!

This talented team built a 2008 Victory Hammer, to bring down the record in the non-faired class; and bring down the record they did, with a two way run average of 173.223 mph! The 106″ motor sucks down pressurized salty air with the help of a ProCharger B-1 supercharger system from Llyodz Motorworks. For more details on the ProCharger Victory supercharger system, please check out the Llyodz website HERE

(Photo Credit: Victory Motorcycles)
Victory Motorcycles Bonneville Record Hammer ProCharger supercharged 106 Lloydz

Victory Motorcycles Bonneville Record Hammer ProCharger supercharged 106 Lloydz

Check out the video with some great images of the event.


Now let’s move to 4 wheel machines:

Veteran racer, Andy Manson recently made the switch to a ProCharger supercharger on his 1996 Mustang, and has REALLY made a statement. A statement to the tune of resetting the NMCA Street Outlaw record, in Norwalk OH. The blistering pass was set with his F-1X-12 ProCharger, at the pace of 6.943 @ 201.79 mph!!!!!

Andy Manson Runs ProCharger NMCA Record Setting Run

Also in Norwalk, the team of American Racing Headers, and Farks Supercars reset the 5th Gen Camaro Record (that they already held) with a pass of 8.17@171 mph! This car runs a ProCharger F-1C supercharger, and is getting quicker every week. In talking with the owner, we get the sneaking feeling that a 7 second pass is just around the corner for this car. Could it be this weekend???

American Racing Headers Camaro Sets the Gen 5 Record ProCharger Supercharged



With the racing season coming to a close, all eyes are on who is going to be crowned a Champion for 2014. Last year, ProCharger supercharged racers brought home 6 different Championships, and this year it looks like we might be able to raise that number to 7!!! After it’s all said and done, ProCharger and its staff would like to say congratulations to not only these record setting performances we have mentioned, but all racers that go out each weekend and raise the bar higher and higher. We know the dedication, and consistency it takes to make these things happen. Again a true THANK YOU!

And speaking of Champs, the 2011 Drag Week Champion team of Scott Smith & Jake Brantner are returning to Drag Week 2014. This team will be setting off again with their 1980 Malibu powered by a ProCharger F-3R-136. This Malibu won’t be the only ProCharger powered machine ready to do battle on both the 1320 feet of drag strip, as well as the grueling drive that makes Drag Week such a unique event. We may just stop by the kick off of the event, and get some photos, so stay tuned for that!

Drag Week Champion Returns

Thanks for reading, as always! If you have any comments or questions please reach us at or 913-338-2886

The new F-150 is great, ProCharger makes it BETTER!


In a previous blog, we talked about what a stir 5.0L Ford F-150’s were making in the world of performance trucks. That buzz and excitement has not shown signs of slowing down. Being able to bolt on a ProCharger supercharger system onto a completely stock truck and gain 65%+ more HP, is no doubt helping to keep this trend going, and aiding in creating some high HP blue oval trucks. With so many customers enjoying their ProCharger systems on their trucks, we wanted to take the time to feature a few customers and their experiences with the ProCharger system on these new F-150’s.

DO YOU WANT A 600+ HP F150?
Of course you do, and thankfully the recipe is simple.

ProCharger P-1SC-1 Supercharger system
Ford Racing BOSS 302 Intake
High Flow Exhaust

Put those three items together, add some custom ECU tuning, and you are left with 510+ rwhp!

(Click for Larger Image)
ProCharger F150 BOSS302 Intake 510 HP F-150

This truck gained a 78% power increase over stock, on a safe tune using only 91 octane fuel. Just imagine the look on the face of whomever tries to mess with this truck, not knowing its making OVER 600HP at the crank! No modifications to the standard ProCharger system are needed to use the BOSS302 intake manifold.

(Click for Larger)
Supercharged F-150 Procharger Boss 302 Intake P-1SC-1

As you can see from the outside, this truck does not look like it lays down 600HP through those big 22″ wheels, for the overall “sleeper” look.
That is unless you happen to catch the rare view of the front grill, as shown below.

(Click for Larger)
Supercharged F-150 Procharged Boss 302 Intake P-1SC-1

This customer opted for the Race Air-to-Air intercooler upgrade at the time of purchase, knowing that he was going to be turning the truck up later down the road. While benefiting from maximum cooling ability on its everyday driving duties.

(Click for Larger)
Supercharged F-150 Procharger Boss 302 Intake P-1SC-1

Another couple options this customer wanted, was the black finish for the supercharger to make the install look almost OEM with the Boss manifold, and the front mounted intake. The owner states that every time he opens the hood, a small crowd of people will form with excitement, and questions.

(Click for Larger)
Supercharged F-150 Procharger Boss 302 Intake P-1SC-1

The only complaint he had about the system, is that it has caused a serious traction issue and is looking for better tires for racing usage. Even with traction bars, it has proven to be difficult to put all that ProCharged power and torque to the ground. Now that’s a complaint we LOVE to hear about in the office! Once this truck gets some sticky tires under it, we can’t wait to hear about some track times from this black beauty.

Supercharged Ford F-150 Procharger Boss 302 Intake P-1SC-1


Nina Gusler ProCharger Supercharged F150

Another ProCharger supercharged F-150, is that of racer Nina Gusler and her 2013 F-150. Nina proudly races her ProCharger power machine in NMRA Truck and Lightning class, where she is currently the #1 points leader, going into the final round. Nina relies on the repeatable power that the ProCharger delivers round after round, which has helped her keep that #1 spot since the 2nd race of the season. (Not bad for her Rookie year!)

Nina Gusler ProCharged F-150

Being the points leader, and possible the soon to be champion you would think Nina would run an exotic combination, however that is not the case. Nina relies on a out of the box ProCharger system (P-1SC-1) with the race intercooler upgrade, Cobra Jet intake manifold, SCT custom tuning, and lots of traction.

Supercharged F-150 2013 Ford Nina Gusler

Nina has upgraded the motor to the Ford Racing Crate motor that is a bit lower compression, for plans to turn the trucks boost up even further in the future. However in its current condition, with just 7psi of boost, this truck makes an amazing 576rwhp, and a 12.34@116mph. The 11’s are just around the corner for Nina and this truck! For more details on this truck, check out her write up on



OK, now to totally switch gears from talking about HP and racing, lets talk about miles per gallon. Yes, you read that correctly we are a supercharger company talking about adding HP to F-150’s, but ALSO going to mention the additional milage gains customers are picking up. We spend lots of R&D time on our supercharger system, as well as the ECU tuning to not only maximize power/saftey of the engine, as well as maximum economy. That is if you can resist putting your right foot down and turning those rear tires into clouds of smoke with a smile on your face. Even the 600+ HP truck featured above has the owner beyond excited with its new gain in gas milage, reporting up to 23mpg on the highway! For another example, we looked to the internet, and found this example on an internet forum.

(Click text to go to original post)
“So Saturday I took the truck on about a 150 mile round trip. Mostly highway, 65-75 MPH. Before the supercharger i would get 13.5 in town and 15.8 on the Hwy, I kind of figured the mileage would go down. As I get up to speed I see it go to around 18 MPG, I was pretty sure that was incorrect. As I continued to drive it just kept going up!!! I didn’t reset it at any point on the trip My truck has 3.73 gears and 33.5s on 18×9s”

And here is an image from his trip, not bad for BIG tires!
ProCharger Supercharged F-150 Gas Milage

Even if you don’t own one of these new 5.0L F-150’s remember that ProCharger makes systems for LOTS of ford trucks. And has you covered with the same industry leading power gains you come to expect from a intercooled ProCharger supercharger system, as well as the perk in gas milage that we discussed earlier.

For more details click on the following links.

For those that have the 5.4L or 6.2L Raptors:

5.4L 3 valve F-150 Owners:

And also 4.6L and 5.4L 2 valve F-150 Owners:

For more details on the 2011+ F-150 ProCharger supercharger system, please visit our main website by clicking HERE.

For all other comments and questions please reach us at or by dropping us a line at 913-338-2886 M-F 8:30-5:30pm.

ProCharger V-Twin hitting it hard in August

ProCharger in Sturgis

There was no shortage of ProCharger V-twin power at this year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Many ProCharger owners rode their bikes to Sturgis and parked them in the ProCharger display right on Lazelle Street, making for a changing-daily display of everyday, cross-country-rideable V-twin power.

(Click Image for Sturgis Photos!)
ProCharger HD Superchargers Harley Sturgis Rally 2014

The team from Kendall Johnson Customs brought up a group of bikes including Zach’s 300 hp Road King, Mark’s 300 hp Road Glide, Travis’s 215+ hp Street Glide and a 210+ hp Road Glide. All these bikes were ridden over 2000 miles while there! Other vehicles in the ProCharger display included a custom Street Glide making 189 hp, Grant County Choppers Sturgis winning custom street racer (more on that later) and ProChargers own 2009 Road King, 2012 Dyna Wide Glide and 2010 Camaro.

Forced induction was front and center at this year’s Sturgis rally and will only get bigger. Check out the following link for even more proof.


There was also plenty of ProCharger supercharged power in the Victory Motorcycle display. Several ProCharger equipped Victory’s were on hand including Lloyd from Lloydz Motorworkz 215hp supercharged sleeper.

ProCharger Supercharged Victory Motorcycle

Supercharged ProCharger Victory Lloydz


Victory teamed up with Lloydz Motorworkz and Conquest Customs to show how easy it is to modify a 2015 Cross Country and over a 24 hour period stripped and rebuilt one on full display for the public. The bike got a whole host of cool parts along with an intercooled ProCharger supercharger kit by Lloydz. The finished product turned out pretty sweet.

Victory Supercharged Cross Country ProCharger

ProCharger Racing and Winning

During the Sturgis Rally, the WMDRA held their annual race at the Sturgis Dragway. Tom Sperr from Grant County Choppers brought out his ProCharger equipped street legal Sportster based street racer for a little fun. The only problem, Pro Gas was the only class it fit in. Bikes in this class are normally full on drag bikes; drag slicks, wheelie bars, starter carts, etc. Tom’s bike is no wheelie bar, DOT tire, lights and the rest you would expect from your streetbike. That sure didn’t stop him though. The bike qualified number three, went rounds and faced the #1 qualifier in the finals. After a great light Tom and crew pulled off a stunning upset to bring home the win. The most impressive part; after pictures and the big check, he rode it home!

WMDRA ProCharger Win Pro Gas Supercharged

Make sure you also keep an eye out for more supercharged records at Bonneville by ProCharger powered racers.

LINK: Hiro Koiso Racing

Hiro Koiso Racing Supercharged Harley

Victory Bonneville ProCharger Supercharged

ProCharger at the Hot Bike Tour

ProCharger recently participated in the 2014 version of the Hot Bike Tour. This tour was a 1000 miles journey over five days showcasing some of the best bike and builders around as well as tons of riders happy for an excuse to get out and enjoy a ride. The ProCharger display was packed from sun up to sun down with power hungry customers looking to learn more about how to bolt on 40-80 hp in a single day.




ProCharger has a bolt-on, self-contained, intercooled supercharger system available for virtually every model of air-cooled “Big Twin” H-D motorcycles from the latest 2014 H-D bikes to certain 1994 models. With this extensive line-up it means more people than ever can experience the same jaw dropping power and show quality look of a ProCharger Supercharger system.

For 20 years ProCharger has been making slow things fast and fast things ridiculous so if you’re ready to install The ULTIMATE Power Adder on your H-D V-twin, visit the ProCharger motorcycle supercharger systems page here or call our V-Twin Sales Team at 913/338-2886, M-F, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM central time.

ProCharged C7 Vettes, making waves in Print, Web and TV!

When these systems were designed, we knew they were going to instantly become the “Must Have” bolt-on for this C7 platform. The outstanding power numbers, flawless driveablity, and easy installation, make it the PERFECT power adder for this Corvette platform. Well with those great benefits in mind the masses have started to take notice, and now no matter if you are searching the web, or flipping through pages/channels, you are bound to run across something being said about the ProCharger Supercharger system for 2014 Stingray Corvettes. And what exactly are they saying about these systems? Lets take a closer look and find out!

ProCharger Corvette Supercharged C7 Cover

Nothing brings more pride then a COVER SHOT! This article in VETTE magazine gave details about the install performed on one of the rare (1 of 500) Premiere Edition C7’s. This stunning Laguna blue car belts out the HP to the number of 587rwhp on a stock car, running 7psi, pump gas, and the supplied ProCharger tune. Bolting on over 200HP in a weekend, is a sure fire way to put a smile on any Corvette owners face. If you don’t have the magazine at home, no problem! Just click the image of the cover above, and go strait to the online version of the write up.

West Coast Customs builds a C7 for Continental Tire ProCharger Supercharged Corvette

When Continental Tires wanted a custom C7 Corvette built, they went to the best, West Coast Customs. And when West Coast Customs needed to boost the performance of that car, they too wanted the best, and that’s a ProCharger system. Combine the good looks of this Corvette, and power numbers to back it up, this C7 is sure to turn heads (and tires) for many years to come. Thankfully being owned by a tire manufacture, it takes some of the guilt out of doing smile enduing, tire smoking burnouts. Click the image above to check out the video link, in case you missed the show!

LSXTv ProCharger Supercharger Corvette Install C7

To start off the internet side of things, here is a link to a great install done by and Cunningham Motorsports out in California. This write-up does a great job of showing the easy install, and details like the differences in the two air inlet options. After the install they took it to the track and had HUGE gains in performance, in both ET and MPH. Even on the OEM stock tires, a hot day, and lack luster california grade 91 fuel, this Corvette still knocked down 11.2@125mph! A set of sticky drag radial tires, and its no doubt a bolt on 10 second ride, from just a supercharger install!

Chick Driving ProCharged C7 Corvette Races Viper, and Wins

And you can’t talk about the internet, without mentioning YouTube. And you can’t be a gear head and not know about’s youtube channel. Well one of the videos making its way around the net (over half a million views so far) is that of a gal by the name of Erin, driving a ProCharged C7 to take down a Viper to settle a bet. The car she is behind the wheel of is a stock C7, running a ProCharger P-1SC-1 system. Power numbers on this car at the time of the video were in the mid 570rwhp range, on pump gas and 7psi of boost. The end of the video is pretty fun, as the owner of the Viper pays up on the bet. This C7 is currently undergoing a major transformation, adding a cam, E85, and switching to a F-1A ProCharger to become a power monster. So keep an eye on our blogs, and facebook for details on that.


Well there you have it, from print to web and all things digital, ProCharger superchargers and Corvette C7’s are proven power combinations. If you have questions or need to locate a dealer near you, please check out our website at or drop us a line at 913-338-2886.

3,000 HP! and Extreme endurance, Steve Morris and ProCharger deliver!

Its a known fact that Big Block Chevrolet motors are amazing powerhouses, and have been the backbone for high HP race applications for many years. It also goes without saying that the efficient cool air charge delivered from a ProCharger supercharger, feeding one of these motors takes them to the next level. For many years now a company by the name of Steve Morris Race Engines has been pushing the power levels each and every year, while proving that ProCharger power combined with the right engine combo can not only make out of the world power numbers, but also remain a reliable combo even under extreme racing applications.

Obviously building big power is important, but it means nothing without a reliable combo. Drag racers want to be spending time dialing in their suspension, working for that last little bit of traction, not rebuilding their motors after every pass. This next motor featured below was built to be a nice long lasting, reliable combo for owner Tony Braglio to run in Top Dragster / Top Sportsman. Ok we have to admit we watched this video at least 5 times when the dyno pull is made. Just something about the sound of nearly 3,000 HP and 8,000+ RPM of Big Block Chevy that gets our blood flowing! Not to mention being able to make 2,955 HP with a single supercharger, not twins. Enough with the chit chat, lets get to some of the info about this awesome motor from the guys at Steve Morris Engines.

ProCharger F-3R-136
Steve Morris 540 Cubic Inch Iron BBC
Moran Motorsports Inc dual injector set up
Holley Performance Products EFI system
BRODIX Cylinder Heads, with Steve Morris Mods
Callies Performance Products Crank
Diamond Pistons
Moroso Performance Products, Inc.
Jesel Valvetrain Innovation

(Click Image for Video of Dyno)
Steve Morris Race Engines 3000hp BBC with ProCharger Supercharger

(Power Number Screen Shot)
Steve Morris Race Engines 3000hp BBC with ProCharger Supercharger

(Engine photo)
Steve Morris Race Engines 3000hp BBC with ProCharger Supercharger

Speaking of extreme racing application, very few things are as abusive to an engine as extreme powerboat racing. The guys at Steve Morris Engines have put out a great video showing a roots, to ProCharger conversion they have recently done for motors powering Paramount Trinidad Offshore’s 50-foot Mystic offshore powerboat.

With the roots blower in place this engine made 1040 HP, and after the conversion picked up 778 HP to an unbelievable 1818 HP with the ProCharger, when tuned to take the abuse of long duration WOT marine use. ON PUMP GAS! This boat recently just entered its first Regatta, where it not only took home its class win, but the overall win as well. Huge congrats to everyone involved in this amazing boat, and build! Though they are not done yet, so we are willing to bet we see a lot more chatter about this boat/engines around the net.

(Click to View Video)
Steve Morris Race Engines and Paramount Trinidad Offshore 1800hp Motor ProCharger Supercharged Video

(Screen shot of HP and TQ #’s)
Steve Morris Race Engines and Paramount Trinidad Offshore 1800hp Motor ProCharger Supercharged Video

(Purple Line = RootsHP, Blue Line = ProChargerHP)
Steve Morris Race Engines and Paramount Trinidad Offshore 1800hp Motor ProCharger Supercharged Video

(The stunning boat with two of these motors)
Steve Morris Race Engines and Paramount Trinidad Offshore 1800hp Motor ProCharger Supercharged Video

As always thanks for reading! For more info please click the hyperlinks in this blog, or by dropping us a line at 913-338-2886 or Steve Morris Race Engines at 231-747-7520

ProCharged Racers Dominate, Lead Seven National Classes!

The racing season has been a wild ride this year, with records being shattered and the bar continuing to be raised by racers and their hardworking crews. With the end of the season in sight for many sanctioning bodies, ProCharged racers are having another outstanding season, leading the points chase in seven different national classes with many more racers near the top of their class. These points leaders cover a dynamic range of ProCharger users, from a stock Ford F150 to full-blown Dragsters, all while covering 5 different sanctioning bodies!

This vast array of racers helps show that ProCharger really does have a supercharger perfect for you, no matter what form of racing/class you are competing in. We are so excited to be the power adder of choice as these outstanding racers look to add to the total of more than 100+ national championships that ProCharger superchargers have helped win over the past 15 years.

Lets take a look and break down some of these 7 class leaders, (In no particular order)

Andy Johnson — NHRA Division #3 Top Dragster

Nina Gusler — NMRA Truck and Lightning

James Lawrence — NMCA West Street Outlaw

Eric Gustafson — WCHR 275 Drag Radial

Bart Tobner — NMRA Renegade

Doug Sikora — PSCA Outlaw 10.5

Phil Hines — NMRA Street Outlaw

With all these #1 spots being talked about, we don’t want to forget that there are many racers still in the hunt for the coveted #1 spot. We are on the edge of our seats to see how this will play out, especially when 10 other ProCharger powered racers are still in the top 5 positions or better in national classes, and could easily be adding their names to this list by the next blog update.

From all of us here at ProCharger, we would like to wish every racer out there a successful and safe finish to the racing season.

Come see ProCharger at the 74th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Procharger Harley Sturgis 2014

The ProCharger V-Twin Team is busy getting ready for the annual trip to the Black Hills.
This year we’ll be on the south side of Lazelle Street between 9th and 10th – very close to the highway. Come in to Sturgis, visit the ProCharger set-up and sample all there is to do downtown.

Procharger Harley Sturgis 2014 Map

During the week, the ProCharger superchargers display is ever-changing because of the numerous customers and dealers who ride their ProCharger-supercharger equipped bikes to Sturgis and park them in our area. ProCharged Dynas, Baggers and Softails will all be shown, as will ProCharger’s custom Road King, Dyna Wide Glide, 2014 Street Glide and 675+ HP Camaro.

Procharger Harley Sturgis 2014 HD Supercharged

Thinking Sturgis is your time to join the ProCharger family? Give us a call and we can put you in touch with FBI to pre-order your supercharger kit. You can have them install 40-80 extra HP in a single day – right at the rally!

ProCharger has a bolt-on self-contained, intercooled supercharger system available for virtually every model of air-cooled “Big Twin” H-D motorcycles from the latest 2014 H-D bikes to certain 1994 models. With this extensive line-up it means more people than ever can experience the same jaw dropping power and show quality look of a ProCharger Supercharger system.

Procharger Harley Sturgis 2014 HD Supercharged

So if you’re heading up or even thought about it – make plans to come by and check us out. The 74th Annual Sturgis Rally runs from August 2nd to the 10th. See you there!

2014 Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, or Jeep? ProCharger has you covered!


ProCharger is a company not only dedicated to bringing you the world’s best supercharger systems, but also to make sure we have you covered with up to date model years.

So if that sign above was recently in your rearview as you drove away with your new car/truck purchase, and you are looking for that extra BOOST in horsepower, look no further, and lets supercharge your latest purchase.

In this blog, we are going to show you the highlights of the Dodge/Chrysler/Ram/Jeep line up for 2014, and maybe a teaser at the end.

Starting with our 2014-2011
Dodge/Chrysler HEMI Systems for 5.7L and 6.4L’s:

If you have a Challenger, Charger, or 300C with either the 5.7L or 6.4L (stick or auto) ProCharger has a supercharger system for your ride. With power gains as large as 200+ Horsepower possible with the 6.4L on just 7psi and pump gas, and 150+ Horsepower for the 5.7L HEMI’s its a power gain that will have you feeling sorry for your rear tires, as they claw for traction. These supercharger systems come 100% complete ready to bolt on, in your garage with common hand tools. Imagine leaving the dealership on Friday night with a 470hp stock Challenger, and by Saturday evening be driving a 670HP+ MONSTER!



Next our 2014-2011 5.7L HEMI Dodge Ram Systems:
And for the truck lovers out there, ProCharger has a 5.7L HEMI system just for you! Similar to its automotive siblings, this system provides 7psi of air-to-air intercooled boost, delivering over 130+ extra horsepower to your RAM’s rear tires! Yes, that is correct 130 or MORE horsepower that you can bolt on in your garage, with common hand tools. Think about that for a moment, adding 45% more power is as if you took your HEMI V-8 and turned it into a V-12! Just imagine what another 4 cylinder worth of stump ripping, trailer hauling, tire smoking supercharged HEMI power would feel like between those frame rails.



In closing, our 2014-2012 3.7L Jeep JK System:
Are you looking to get the power back you lost when adding large wheel/tire to your JK? Or maybe just wanting that extra grunt while off-roading, or at high elevation. Well ProCharger designed a perfect supercharger solution to those in need. This ProCharger JK supercharger system delivers power gains of over 50% on pump gas! Thanks to its large front mounted air-to-air intercooler, these gains can be had with just 7psi of boost. Installation is so easy it takes as little as 5 hours for a complete install, and leaves NO permanent modifications to the Jeep. Once a person gets behind the wheel of one of these ProCharged Jeep JK’s its hard to imagine ever driving one again without boost, the added thrill is hard to believe its the same motor.


(Click for Wallpaper Image)
ProCharger Jeep JK Supercharger System ProCharged

And just as a teaser, yes the Jeep Grand Cherokee 6.4L SRT8 is on deck! (But that’s all that we allowed to say for now)

For more information and details, please contact us at 913-338-2886 or by email at

Need an Intercooler, for your Big Power C6 Corvette?

ProCharger is happy to announce the release of its Race air-to-air intercooler for use on high horsepower supercharged C6 Corvettes. If your making 700, 800, or even 1000+ HP, this intercooler has you covered (and then some). Track-tested on the drag strip and the road course, this massive intercooler is ready to perform. So if your intercooler is getting choked up from more CFM flowing through it than it was built to handle, creating a bottleneck that limits your boost, this is your solution.

ProCharger Corvette Intercooler Options Race and HO Air to Air

The core of this monster intercooler features a massive 4.5″ thick core section for maximum cooling area and low restriction. To make this possible, a custom bar and plate core is manufactured right here in the USA, designed to not only have great cooling abilities, but also the lowest pressure drop possible. Further flow enhancements include tapered, lightweight sheet-metal end tanks, and 3.5″ inlet and outlet connections.

(Race vs. HO Intercooler Inlets)
ProCharger Corvette Intercoolers Inlets

This C6 Corvette Air-to-Air Race intercooler was designed to be a “drop-in” replacement for those already supercharged using the HO ProCharger intercooler. All existing brackets, tubing, inlet, hardware transfer over to the new Race intercooler for easy installation. Absolutely NO modifications to the Corvettes body or frame are needed this this installation, making it 100% reversible.

(Intercooler installed, with cover removed)
Corvette C6 Race Air to Air Intercooler

So if your supercharged Corvette is pushing high HP levels, and/or being used in situations where long duration WOT pulls are common (1/2 mile or 1 mile races) this is your intercooling solution. Track testing on long duration WOT pulls have seen inlet temps as low as 30 deg. over ambient! Please contact us at 913-338-2886 or at for more details, or to get in touch with a local dealer.


*Custom oil cooler mounting needed for cars equipped with an oil cooler

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