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ProCharger says HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Ford Mustang!


50 years and still going strong! What an awesome accomplishment for Ford Motor Company, to build such an iconic car that has changed the world of transportation, and performance forever. From day one the Mustang has set the bar high with its styling, performance, and overall ability to be the work horse of the 2+2 performance category. (Pun slightly intended)

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ATI ProCharger has been happy to not only supply supercharger systems for every generation of Mustang, BUT has been for 20 years of the Mustang’s 50!

Looking back it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, that the first 5.0L Mustangs were getting ProCharger P600b’s superchargers installed, and bolting on gains of over 15mph in the quarter mile, on pump gas and just 9psi of boost. Here we are 20 years later, and still giving customers the ability to bolt on 10 second quarter mile times out of their stock coyote 5.0’s Mustangs, on just 7.5psi of boost on pump gas!

Flash back to the VERY first article written about the P600b air-to-air intercooled ProCharger supercharger system, and look at this quote. Talk about foreshadowing for what was to come over the next 20 years, of ProCharger building an empire of supercharging dominance.

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Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, July 1994

With all the hype in the air about the Mustang turning 50, ProCharger decided to stop by the Mustang 50th Birthday bash in Las Vegas. And you can see some of the images by clicking this image below.

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Cheers to you Mustang, from all of us here at ATI ProCharger.
We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the worlds #1 pony car.

NOW SHIPPING 2014-11 RAM HEMI 5.7L Truck Systems!

Bolt on 130+ Horsepower to these HEMI RAM trucks with a ProCharger Air-to-Air intercooled supercharger system, with just 7psi of boost. Yes, that is correct 130 or MORE horsepower that you can bolt on in your garage, with common hand tools. Think about that for a moment, adding 45% more power is as if you took your HEMI V-8 and turned it into a V-12! Just imagine what another 4 cylinder worth of stump ripping, trailer hauling, tire smoking supercharged HEMI power would feel like between those frame rails.


This ProCharger supercharger system comes with EVERYTHING you need to do the install from start to finish from the P-1SC-1 headunit, to the air-to-air intercooler, tubing and hardware. All wrapping up with the hand held programer so you can flash your trucks ECU for all the added power. Lets take a closer look at some of these parts that make this supercharger system the clear leader in forced induction for your HEMI powered Ram.

The P-1SC-1 head unit that is included with the system has rooted itself firmly as the industry leader in durability and efficient power production. With RAM’s putting down power numbers nearing 500HP at the crank, it is good to know that the P-1SC-1 is rated to 825HP worth of airflow. Which is more then enough breathing room for those wanting to modify their trucks further down the road with cams, heads, or built motors.


Trucks get used every day for things like long distance hauling, towing our toys to the lake, and many other reasons why reliability is key. Rest assured that the 2014-2011 RAM truck system is built on the same robust CNC billet bracket design that has been PROVEN for 12+ years on RAM trucks, with countless numbers of customers, and mind blowing miles being put on these head units. While on the topic of reliability, check out this customer with 230K miles on his ProCharger!! (CLICK HERE), results like these speak volumes about durability.


With todays high compression motors having the largest and most effective intercooler is another key to huge power production and motor safety on pump gas.
The ProCharger air-to-air intercooler is designed to have the lowest pressure drop/highest flow, along with the highest level of air charge cooling possible. What does this mean for you? The coldest air charge going into your motor, and the largest power gains possible on pump gas! Not to mention when people see that intercooler hiding behind that RAM grill, they will know its no ordinary HEMI.


RAM owners love customizing their trucks, by ordering them with all sorts of different option packages from the factory. ProCharger supercharger systems also love that idea that each customer can order their kit just how they want it. The P-1SC-1 ProCharger supercharger can be purchased in either polished or satin finish, as well as standard gear set or “Noise Reduction” optional helical construction. And as always, for the truly power hungry users out there, the tuner kit can also be purchased with the D-1SC upgrade for even more power. Please CLICK HERE for more details about the RAM offering.

So enough dreaming about that extra power, drop us a line at 913-338-2886 or email to so we can get your HEMI Ram pumped up with a ProCharger today!


ProCharger Superchargers and Speedwerx smokes them all.

Recently at the 2014 Jackson Hole World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb in Wyoming a ProCharger supercharger equipped Speedwerx Arctic Cat snowmobile won the “run-what-ya-brung” Dash for Cash drag race. This is a race of the 20 fastest sleds around. This is a single elimination race, so over 10 rounds this machine not only showed its performance – it showed its durability as well.

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After the event Speedwerx had a few more ProCharger supercharger powered sleds on hand for power hungry customers to demo ride. That’s power to the people.

Here are a couple videos of these high powered 2-Stroke sleds in use. And for the Polaris customers a ProCharger powered RMK is coming soon as well.

If a side by side is more your thing, we’ve got you covered there as well. Speedwerx has a ProCharger kit for the Arctic Cat Wildcat X, Wildcat 1000 and four seat 1000 - 4. Here’s a video of stock vs. supercharged. The results speak for themselves.

And we didn’t forget about the RZR guys, oh no. Speedwerx is currently working on a Stage II kit for the 2014 Polaris RZR 100 and the 2013 RZR 900 to complement ProCharger’s factory HO kits for the 2011-2010 RZR 900 and 2010-2013 Ranger 800

Find out more about the Speedwerx ProCharger intercooled supercharger kits at

Street, Strip, Sand, Dirt, Snow, Water and everything in between. ProCharger – The Ultimate Power Adder.

Ford Raptors, Making Statments with ProCharger i-1’s

When Ford decided to create the F-150 Raptor, the world of OEM truck buying would be forever changed. Never before had an OEM dared create such a high horsepower, off-road capable machine like this before, and sold it on showroom floors. The first time you see one of these F-150’s with their bulging fenders, massive tires, huge shocks its clear that FORD was making a bold statement to the world, and obviously buyers love it.


Just like Ford aimed to make a statement with the Raptor, ProCharger made a HUGE statement to the world of forced induction, when the release of the ProCharger’s i-1 programable ratio supercharger was announced. ProChargers i-1 instantly became award winning, and literally re-wrote the book on supercharging, on what was possible with a centrifugal supercharger. The i-1 programable ratio supercharger allows you to change boost levels, and power curves on the fly! Please click the image below for more details on how this amazing i-1 supercharger works.

(Click for more i-1 details)

Good news for all 2014-2010 Ford Raptor owners, is that you can now combine both of these amazing pieces of engineering, and create the ultimate off-road performance truck! ProCharger is happy to announce the shipping of ProCharger i-1 supercharger systems for all model years of 6.2L Ford Raptors, with HUGE power gains up to 60%, even on pump gas! These i-1 supercharger systems, on pump gas bring you the LARGEST power gain per pound of boost, of any forced induction application. With stump pulling TQ gains as low as 2,300rpm, this truck feels like a feather weight when driving / towing / playing.


Starting with a rock solid head unit design, robust bracket / tensioner system, and dedicated drive system, this ProCharger i-1 system will ensure
years and countless miles of reliability for its owner.

(Black finish option) *Polished also available

(Standard satin finish)

The ProCharger i-1 system incorporates a huge air-to-air intercooler installed in the front facia of these trucks, not only making a statement that this is no ordinary Raptor, but delivering the coolest air charge and most power possible per pound of boost. When the throttle closes, excess pressure is bypassed via the ProCharger surge valve, located just before the intercooler.



Thanks to ProCharger’s expanded calibrations team, these Raptor i-1 Supercharger systems are being shipped with calibrations via handheld tuners for vehicles with stock engine and stock exhaust, making it easy to use for a “DYI” installer, or a performance shop that wants a good base ECU tune to start from. The supercharger boost calibration comes pre-loaded from the factory, though tuner kits can be ordered for custom boost curves.


Speaking of Raptors, ProCharger is also pleased to announce that shipping of standard fixed ratio supercharger systems (D-1SC) up to model year 2014 are now available. These systems come standard with a large 3 core air-air intercooler, but can also be upgraded to a larger “Race” intercooler at time of purchase. Power gains for these systems is also up to 60% on pump gas, with factory boost level and tuning. Please contact your local dealer for more details.

(D-1SC System with Standard 3 Core Shown)

Raptors aren’t just pretty trucks to look at, they were born to be the king of OEM prepped off-road trucks. Here is an example of a ProCharged 2014 Raptor with a D-1SC system doing what it does best, a little off-road mayhem. Photos are from this years “Texas Raptor Run” that just wrapped up. More details on that event can be found HERE



For more details on either of these systems, please feel free to contact us at 913-338-2886 M-F 8:30-5:00 CST.

230,000k Miles!


Often times we get asked by customers, “How long can a ProCharger last?” which is a really good question.

Literally countless hours of research and design have gone into the development of the current SC (Self Contained) gearboxes to not only maximize power potential, but also to ensure years and years of usage from our customers. So hearing about ProChargers with 50k, 100k, and even 150k miles on them now is common, which comes as no surprise to us knowing how overbuilt these gearboxes are.

Though recently a post popped up on a Facebook account that caught our eye, in that not only was a blower reported to have 230,000 miles on it, but it was still owned by the original owner, and still on its original application! After hearing about this blower, and finding out it was relatively local (one state over) it was worth checking out.


We caught up with this truck, while it was in getting its normal routine GM maintenance done, (including SC oil change) at its local Chevrolet dealership. After talking to the GM Service advisor, he stated that the truck comes in perfectly on time for all the schedule maintenance per GM, as well as changing of the ProCharger oil, every other oil change(as we recommend).

While we checked out the truck in the shop, the technicians and advisors light heartily joked about how impressed they were, that the ProCharger outlasted (2) transmissions, alternator, water pump, factory idler pulleys, and various other items on the engine of this truck. Though that didn’t come as a surprise, it was still nice to hear the kind words from the technicians.


In talking with the owner, the supercharger was installed shortly after the truck was purchased new with just over 1,000 miles on the odometer. And after all these miles, its safe to say its one of the cleanest 230+k mile trucks out there.


The serial tag on the blower shows its age, though it resembles a “badge of pride,” in a way. Seeing that fadded tag resting on top of that ProCharger, knowing it has brought SO many joyful miles to the owner.

With that being said, we know of several more ProChargers with 200K+ miles of them, but are curious how many there are in total. Let us know! Feel free to send us info on them to our Facebook page, or email us at

Thanks to Dan Defeo and his awesome 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche, we look forward to seeing just how many miles you can put on that truck, and that supercharger.

NOW SHIPPING! 2011+ Ford Truck Systems

ProCharger F-150 Supercharger

The wait is finally over–bolt HUGE power gains and the coolest charge air temperatures onto your 2011 and newer Ford F-150 with a ProCharger Intercooled Supercharger System. When Ford decided to drop this proven 5.0L power plant into the F-150, it was only a matter of time before owners would want to start making serious HP with them. There is no better way to do that than spending an afternoon in the garage bolting on up to a 65% power gain with a ProCharger system.

2014 ProCharger Underhood F-150

What does 65% more power feel like? Well lets just say your next purchase may end up being a set of bigger/softer tires to try and harness the extra power. These 2011 F-150s feel like total animals when 8-9psi of boost is introduced, so much so that you would think the motor is twice the size. When used with towing, climbing grades becomes easy, and passing becomes fun (showing off other trucks, what these these new F150’s can do with a little boost in them.)

2011 ProCharger F-150 System Supercharger

ProCharger started off this F-150 system by building on our already proven Mustang 5.0L supercharger system. For years the Mustang system has been powering cars to unbelievable power numbers, fantastic E/T’s at the track, and has a durability track record that can’t be beat. So it was natural to keep that in mind when designing the F-150 system, and adapt it to use with the truck platform.


One thing we didn’t forget is options, and room for upgrades in the future. Knowing that the power potential for these 5.0L Coyote motors is amazing, we designed the F-150 system to be scalable for those wanting to upgrade to higher hp levels–a dedicated belt drive system is used to ensure the best belt wrap and power transfer possible to the supercharger, and two different air-to-air intercooler options are available depending on your desired power level. There are also two different supercharger inlet options, with multiple head units available to choose from. With all of these options, we can’t wait to see the different combinations of ProCharged F-150’s start hitting the street, track, and trails.

High Output Intercooled System is offered at 6-7psi and power gains up to 55% (w/supplied tuning) *91 Octane

Stage 2 Intercooled System is offered at 8-9psi and power gains up to 65% (w/ supplied tuning) *91 Octane

Please contact us at 913-338-2886 for more details, or your local ProCharger dealer. Or CLICK HERE for more details!

2013 ProCharger F-150

On other F-150 related news, ProCharger is happy to announce that 2014 Ford F-150 Raptor Systems are also now shipping! The systems boost level of 8-9psi and power numbers up to a 60% gain have carried over from the previous years, as have all available options. So if you got a 2014 Raptor in your driveway looking for more power, call us at (913) 338-2886 to get in touch with your nearest ProCharger dealer.

2014 F-150 Supercharged

2014 F150 ProCharger Raptor

2014 Racing season is off to a Fast Start…

ProCharger Power

ProCharger Barry L

The Lights Out V event kicked off the unofficial start of the racing season for us here at ProCharger, and what and event it was! Between the fact that there were SO many awesome ProCharger powered cars on the property we had to make an entire album for them on Facebook. Please hop over to Facebook to view the photo album that is home to hands-down some of the best looking cars on the property.


The ProCharged cars didn’t just stop at looking good at the event, killer E/T’s were being laid down in all sorts of classes, culminated by the nothing short of AMAZING record set by David Pearson 4.24@170 on Stock Suspension and 275 radials, powered by a small block Ford, with a F-3A-121 ProCharger. David really raised the bar on that pass by setting three records, Fastest 275 radial, Fastest Stock Suspension, and Fastest 1/8th Mile ProCharger car on gas! So congrats are in order for David and his crew.


The SGMP event was followed by the NMRA season opener in Bradenton, with again a large number of ProCharged racers. In Street Outlaw, Phil Hines was looking to extend his incredible streak of accomplishments from last year, including several records and the NMRA Street Outlaw championship. Phil qualified #3 and ran strong to the finals, where he met the always dangerous John Urist. In a rematch of last year’s top two finishers, Urist took the win from current class champion Hines. In Renegade class, Bart Tobener is now running a ProCharger F-1C-10.5, and with this very new combination was able to qualify #2 and reach the semifinals; look out once he has time to get this fully dialed in! And in another case of raising the bar, in True Street, Randy Christian and his 2011 5.0 GT ran in the 9’s with his ProCharger P-1SC-1 (stage 2 system with 8 rib serpentine drive). His combination includes a Boss intake, long tube headers and full exhaust, and E85. Way to go Randy!

P-1SC-1 Goes Nines

Speaking of raising the bar, we all remember when Andrew DeMarco swapped from his turbo combination to a F-3A-121 and dropped the hammer last year, laying down a 6.83@211 to become the FASTEST of the “Pioneering” group of 6 second radial cars. We say pioneering, since 3 of the first 5 members of this exclusive 6 second club were powered by ProChargers, and leading the way in showing how fast these cars could go on a small tire. Here at ProCharger we can not wait to see what’s in store for this year, once more of the latest, greatest new ProCharger race blower models get into the hands of these customers and their talented crews. We have a feeling that the bar will continue to get raised, and 2014 will mark a year of even more records and champions!

ProCharger DeMarco

So in closing, a brief THANK YOU, to all of our ProCharged racers out there doing battle each weekend, our hats off to you!

2011+ 5.7L Ram, Challenger and Charger kits now shipping, here come more HEMIS!

For months on end we have fielded phone calls, emails, facebook messages, all asking (begging) us to start shipping 5.7L HEMI ProCharger systems for cars and trucks, up to 2014. Well, we answered all those messages, and are letting you know the wait is finally over! These model year updates are all based on the rock solid system designs that have already been shipping for years, racking up countless miles on earlier 5.7L’s. From the head unit to the intercooler, down to the simple details such as the quality of powder coated products, these systems deliver the performance, quality and reliability you have grown to count on with a ProCharger supercharger system.


For the new RAM truck owners, ProCharger has gone to great lengths to ensure that no matter what year, trim package, or transmission option you have chosen, the supercharger system will work perfectly for you. Whether you are using the extra power for passing while towing a heavy load, or simply having fun on the weekends at the track, NOTHING can take away the smile on your face after feeling the rush an extra 130+ HP will bring you.

ProCharger RAM Underhood

The P-1SC-1 ProCharger supercharger can be purchased in either polished or satin finish, as well as standard gear set or “quiet” optional helical construction. And as always, for the truly power hungry users out there, the tuner kit can also be purchased with D-1SC upgrade for even more power. Please CLICK HERE for more details about the RAM offering.

ProCharged 5.7L HEMI

And now for the awesome HEMI 5.7L in the Dodge cars, we have you covered as well. Just as Dodge has put a few extra tweaks on these 5.7L cars to get a few extra HP out of them, ProCharger has done the same with our systems. Raising the bar to over 130+ HP gains with our 7 psi intercooled systems on pump gas. With gains like that, its simple to see why some of the 392 (6.4L) cars will have something to worry about, next time they are lined up next to a ProCharged 5.7L HEMI car.

ProCharger HEMI Underhood

System options are much the same as RAM we listed above, however with a few additions. The Dodge cars can also opt for the new black finish on the supercharger and brackets, as well as a couple different intercooler options. For further details on these systems please visit CLICK HERE

With so many options available, as always please contact your dealer for more details, or call us directly at 913-338-2886. And remember to LIKE us on facebook for all the “up to the minute” details.

NOW SHIPPING! 2014 GM Truck/SUV Kits, C7 Corvette Systems

ProCharger Supercharged 2014 GM Truck

We all love our trucks–there is no denying that, but what we love even more is modifying them. At ATI ProCharger we are proud to announce the release of our 2014 GM truck and SUV systems for 5.3L LT1 based vehicles. (6.2L Coming Soon) So whether your building a weekend toy, need some extra torque for “passing power” when towing, or simply trying to get back some of that power you lost after adding big wheels or a lift kit, WE HAVE YOUR SOLUTION.

(Click for Wallpaper)
ProCharger Supercharged 2014 GMC Truck

The ProCharger P-1SC-1 Intercooled Supercharger System will have you bolting on over 120+ horsepower in a matter of hours. That’s right, just a few hours. This supercharger system is by far the EASIEST installation of any supercharger for this platform. Simply bolt on the main bracket and head unit, bolt up the intercooler, add the tubing, load the tune and your done. It really is that simple to bolt on an additional 120+ horsepower increase … an increase that you can feel EVERY time you push your foot down on the gas.

(Click for Larger Image)
2014 GMC ProCharger Supercharger

Thanks to the highly efficient P-1SC-1 head unit and air-to-air intercooler, many owners have reported slight gains in MPG’s while using their trucks in normal day-to-day operations, and there is nothing wrong with that. Both the complete system and the tuner kit can be purchased with multiple inlets, black/satin/polished head units, standard or quiet gear sets, plus more, so please contact your dealer for more details, or reach us directly at (913) 338-2886.

2014 GMC ProCharger Supercharger

On a related note, Intercooled ProCharger systems for 2014 C7 Corvette Stingrays are now shipping as well.

ProCharger cures the winter blues, with all new 2014 GM Systems.

Finally the snow is starting to clear for us here at the ATI corporate headquarters in Kansas City, maybe thanks to all the heat coming off the dyno rollers as we roll out new supercharger systems?! All joking aside, we know that some 2014 GM owners might be starting to feel that spring fever to get back on the roads. And thankfully if you have a 2014 Camaro or Corvette, we have a cure for that fever. ProCharger is happy to announce the shipping of both 2014 Camaro SS and 2014 Corvette C7 systems! Thats right, cure those winter blues with HUGE power gains from intercooled boost from a ProCharger supercharger system.

2014 ProCharger Camaro SS
The Intercooled ProCharger P-1SC-1 System for 2014 Camaros is based off the same rock solid system that powered the first Gen 5 Camaro into the 9 second range, so many years ago, and has continued its dominace on the street and track. Power number ranging from 650HP to a mind numbing 1500HP have been possible, with ProCharger systems on these cars, thanks to the amount of system options possible. To find more out about the available kits and options PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS:

And for those of you that love technology and pushing the limits of what was ever thought possible with a centrifugal supercharger, the industry award winning i-1 ProCharger supercharger system is available for the 2014 Camaros as well. One of the BETA cars (shown here) looks just amazing with its polished i-1 ProCharger tucked away nicely in the white and black engine bay. But it doesn’t stop at looks, it backs it up with the most power per pound of boost on pump gas. CLICK HERE FOR MORE i-1 DETAILS:

2014 ProCharger i-1 Camaro Supercharger

And here we have another example of a 2014 GM product in “Arctic” white, showing off its new ProCharger supercharger system. This time its a C7 Stingray featuring our P-1SC-1 intercooled supercharger system.
Again enough can’t be said about these new 2014 C7’s that GM has come out with, from interior to exterior they are an absolutely amazing progression to the Corvette lineage. Adding 40% more power in a matter of hours with a simple bolt on ProCharger supercharger system, takes these cars to what can only be described as “Supercar” status.

(This car features the black finish, race inlet, and horizontal intercooler)

With all the amazing features that are packed into this supercharger system, once again its only fitting that we urge you to follow this link to find out more details CLICK HERE FOR MORE C7 DETAILS:

And as always, please remember to check out our Facebook page for even more updates! For further details about these two systems, please call 913-338-2886

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